Low carb diet and thyroid

Hello - wondering if anyone knows if your thyroid starts getting worse on a low carb diet.

I started one around 5 days ago and have noticed the dry patches on my palms starting to get bigger, which to me is the first indication.. The last time I started on a low carb diet my brain stopped working - which was when I got my thyroid and stuff first tested. There was no way I could have carried on with it.

Thanks in advance


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  • Are u already gluten free?

  • For 5 days ?

  • OK, so did u start this as a way to test yourself for gluten sensitivity and to lose weight? Personally I wouldn't try to do both at the same time, going gluten free for the first time is enough of a struggle, you don't have to be that brave.

    In doing this you will have cut out a huge amount of foods, and it may be worth looking to see if you have accidentally cut out some nutrient you are low in at the same time. For example, when I took my son g free he became very angry and irritable. I eventually worked out that removing Kelloggs had also removed what for him was an essential source of iron, because it wasn't in the g free flakes. There were some Bs there too. When I gave him iron supps, the anger went.

    So it may be that you are vv low already in a nutrient, and you have unknowingly cut something out. It's just a thought. I may be completely wrong, I usually am.

  • PS just enjoyed two gluten free hot cross buns. I realise that is a provocative statement...

  • How low? Low carbs can lead to T4 converting to rt3 which naturally triggers hypo symptoms.

    Too little carbs can push your system to "it's famine"-mode and stresses your adrenal glands.

    I would choose good carb and low GI food. Good carb is 75-125 grams of carbs.

    Going from high carb to low carb should be done in steps. Reducing daily carbohydrate intake 5 grams per week. It requires motivation but that way side effects are minimised and individual carbohydrate intake is easier to define.

  • You know your body best Adrienne, but when starting on low carb you can feel quite rough for a few days - headaches, weakness, sluggishness etc while your body withdraws from them. The severity depends on how carb dependent you were before. It's called the carb flu and shouldn't last more than 10 days, but you may not want to risk it for that long if you're concerned about your thyroid.

    Maybe doing it in stages - gluten free and then carb free would ease the transition for you?

  • Why don't you take a look at the low carb/high diet forum as well as dietdoctor.com

    It's all very well going low carb but you have to replace the starch in carbs that provides energy (temporarily) with another source. Fat is a mire natural and longer lasting energy source. I've been doing it now for 4 weeks and I'm feeling so much better. You get symptoms the first few days as your body adjusts. Now my blood sugar has stabilised and I'm sure my next blood glucose test will show I'm no longer diabetic. I'm sleeping better, have better mental clarity, more energy and gave lost over 9 pounds too, which is a bonus. For the first time in years I'm enjoying food again and it tastes so much better. I've not experienced any hypothyroidism symptoms as far as I can tell and will be interested to see my next thyroid test results. I know it's still early days but so far I can recommend it. Dietdoctor.com is brilliant. :-)

  • Thanks everyone. I think I will just sweat it out and see what happens. X

  • I'm on the Hcg diet. Pretty controversial but meant to be good for thyroid induced 'locked in' weight. You basically inject yourself with human growth hormone for 40 days and eat from a very restricted list. Pretty hardcore ! X

  • Some great recipes on diet doctor !

  • Hi

    I'm coeliac so gluten free anyway, and I changed to a ketogenic diet, which is carb free except for a 24 hour period where I eat carbs. I haven't noticed any changed re the thyroid, but I do have more energy, my skin is better and apart from a 6 month old baby waking me, I sleep better. My weight was normal to start with (8st 2) and I'm not doing it to lose weight. I have noticed that I don't have that crashing feeling in the afternoon either. So it's working well for my husband and I , who has incidentally lost a stone and is looking so much better.

  • Thanks. Feeling better today. May have just been teething problems. !

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