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how to introduce / start ndt


I have ordered some naturethroid and current take 50mcg of levo and 38mcg of lith.

I have ordered some .5 grain and also some 1 grain tablets to start with.

What is the best way to introduce this. I was thinking of dropping the lith down to two lots of 12.5 and dropping the levo completely then starting with half a grain for a few weeks.

Then going up to 1 grain and one lot of 12.5 t3 for a few weeks.

Then going up to 1.5 and removing the t3 completely.

Then two grains for 6 weeks before being re-tested.

Does this sound sensible enough.

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I am assuming 'lith' means liothyronine?


50mcg Levothyroxine plus 38mcg Liothyronine (T3) is equivalent to 165mcg Levothyroxine which is equivalent to 2.5 grains NDT. There is 95mcg T4 and 22.5mcg T3 in 2.5 grains NDT.

You are already taking T3 so you can switch straight over to 2.5 grains NDT.

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great, I now cant wait for the ndt to arrive.


You are medicating a higher ratio of T3 to T4 than is usual on this combo.

Clutter has advised of the equivalent but you may find you need to reduce the NDT and add a little extra T3 in order to achieve the same ratio as you are medicating now.

The ratio of T4:T3 in NDT is not suited to everyone and some have to add a little extra.

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reviewing all the information I was going to start on 1.5 grains and see how i feel then up to 2 and perhaps add the t3 if needed

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