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Too soon to raise the dose? NDT

Too soon to raise the dose? NDT


I posted recently to say I'd started on NDT last Sunday. For the first three days (Sun Mon Tues) I'd begin on half a grain taken 2 hours before breakfast. However I was having bad side effects of extremely painful muscles, high temperature, diarrhoea and some dizziness.

After some kind people here responded, many felt I was under medicated for my results but perhaps I should go down to quarter grain then build back up. This is what I did as my private gp came back to me and advised the same. The side effects above went, but the hypothyroid symptoms of constipation and fatigue worsened (probably unsurprisingly).

I obviously need to ultimately be on a higher dose. Now the side effects are better, can I start taking half a grain again? Or perhaps take the second quarter at bedtime (split the dose but have a half grain in total a day)

I don't want to raise it to fast, but aware that the advice from here was to get to a higher dose in order to start feeling better.

Thanks all


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Were you taking Levothyroxine prior to NDT? If so, what dose?

Try 1/4 grain morning and bedtime and see how you do.


Hi clutter

Thanks for replying I really appreciate it

No this is the very first time I have taken thyroid medication



Those are my results before starting any medication xx



Why are you taking it? Your thyroid levels are euthyroid (normal).

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If you look at my previous posts and replies, other members have said if anything I'm under medicated. And that altho Im In 'normal' ranges, im v low in range. On another blood test a week before my ft4 was 12.4 of a range 12-22. As I have so many hypothyroid symptoms that's why I'm on NDT... what do you think?

So confused! X



Did you make it clear those were results before you were taking medication? If not, they probably assumed you were taking medication and that's why they said you were undermedicated.


greygoose what do you think? X


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