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Check for sensitivities?

In this long and seemingly helpless battle to feel okay I wonder if I should possibly start over and have myself tested for sensitivity to anything an allergist can test for. Does anyone think this would maybe give me some insight on how to go about this fight with more information? I feel like I'm running out of options and it's time to hit it from a different angle maybe?

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Hi, I've looked at your Profile but there's no info. Have you been diagnosed, with what? What thyroid hormones are your taking - if any? Have you had your minerals/vitamins tested?

I looked down some of your past posts and see you were on Armour.


Testing for ALL allergies properly is like looking for a needle in a haystack as people can be allergic to virtually everything. Allergists therefore can only test a small subset of substances you could be allergic to if you don't have a clue about what substances you are possibly allergic to, and these tend to be the common ones such as grass pollen, bananas and nuts.

Also be aware with the skin prick test you can get false positives. I had one years ago mainly as an experiment and I am apparently allergic to bananas yet I've eaten bananas my entire life with no problems.

In addition to that you may not actually have an allergy but an intolerance so the test won't pick that up. So if you have a fructose intolerance nothing would happen if tested against bananas as your reaction is not an immune one but due to lack of a digestive enzyme.

The best way is simply to eliminate something from your diet (or skin) for a few weeks to see if symptoms go, then reintroduce it to see if it causes a reaction.

If you have hasimotos the advice given here is to go gluten free to see if it makes you feel better.


I would try gluten free. It,s a lot easier to do now, although can be expensive. If that is a problem, better to get tested by your GP before you start giving up gluten. If you prove celiac I believe you can get help with the food you need.

I have many health problems, the last few years have been on quite a journey. Through this site and with help from Thyroid Uk went to see a very good Endo. I went through testing last year for Pheochromocytoma . Due to bad testing it all became a bit of a muddle. I am now going through a better phase and have given up having more testing. I joined Pheochromocytoma Facebook groups and discovered that if not Pheochromocytoma if could be Mast Cell Syndrome. It is relatively new (2007) and is to do with allergic reactions. As the medication that is being used for this was already prescribed to me I have not dared to mention this to my GP . I have however introduced some of the supplements suggested. I would add that my thyroid readings have been good for a year now. I have had an underacticve thyroid for over 30 years. From what I have read online it is believed Mast Cell problems are affecting thousands of people, many,many undiagnosed. Good luck, hope you find answers and feel better soon. Feeling well is such a wonderful thing, well worth the effort.


Hi - I had all my allergies tested by a doctor and nothing came back positive. I did the pinprick test and even had my blood tested - still NOTHING. But I was obviously having really bad reactions to some foods and pollen. By bad reactions I mean severe migraines and nausea lasting for two days.

Eventually I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism so these food intolerances are definitely a symptom.

The only way I figured it all out was to do a total exclusion diet and gradually re-introduce things. I am still working on this - I now know for sure that I am intolerant of alcohol especially wine & gluten. I gave up gluten about five months ago and I accidentally had some on two occasions. Both times I was violently ill with a migraine and nausea. Previous to giving it up I used to have the occasional gluten product without obvious problems. It was only when I had a lot that I had the bad reaction. But since stopping I can't have any at all without a bad reaction.

I have heard of other types of allergy/intolerance testing but that is the only one that I know works for sure. Of course it's a huge pain!

You could test for gluten, dairy, corn and nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, etc.) for a start as these seem to be the most common.


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