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Not enough with Hashimoto's but now possibly have salicylate sensitivities??? Buaf!!!!

Alright, I am at a bit at my witts' end. I have managed to change my diet to include healthy fats, no gluten, no dairy, moderate carbs or few fruits as to maybe some nsulin resistance, little to no processed foods etcetera ONLY to recently discover after eating blueberries, I had a urticaria rash.

It started with an itch and than I noticed the welts. I have now had 2 extensive breakouts with these hives. I am on my 2nd round of the rashes. I had suspected previously it was chocolate or soy addtives. Then, I figured it could have been a reaction from almonds, or walnuts as I had increased nuts into my diet to variate my diet to avoid gluten or even gluten free products, in case. I also have been drinking almond milk as dairy has been out.

AGHHHHHHHH but now this!!! I have read that the cause of this sensitivity is damage to the stomach lining after having a leaky gut. This makes sense, I had previously went through bouts of leaky gut symptoms, but I no longer have them since I started with my vitamin supplements.

Now, I just have this new development buafffff! I am wondering if its just blueberries or do I now have to keep all salicylates to a minimum? Also , there is big contradiction between a Hashimotos diet and a Salicylate diet. If I have been drinking almond milk---- a low salicylate alternative is cows milk, for example.

Finally, I have read that Salicylate sensivities could be related to not enough thyroid hormone. I am due to have my thyroid panel blood work done next week. However, I suspect I am very close to my T3 sweet spot so I think it would be very unusal for me to be under-dosedI I am the closest I have even been to be well EXCEPT FOR THESE RASHES.

I am so going to miss my fresh, blueberries!!!!

Any tips on working through this before I go mad on trying to figure out what I can or cannot eat or drink?

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I would go for the optimistic conclusion that you may have developed a sensitivity to blueberries. If you're drinking almond milk and you're only getting the rash periodically then it mustn't be something you're taking regularly. Or is this a chronic thing?

You could try the low-salicylate diet for a week and then reintroduce almond milk. But I would for the moment treat it as something less extensive until proven otherwise. Unless you're having signs of anaphylaxis in which case you need to get it sorted out by a medical professional:

Do antihistamines help?

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Punctured bicycle-Oh so lovely, thank you for the happy thought!! It hasn't been chronic, but I am a bit worried that it could continue. It seems as if the first time it took more than a month to dissapear and dreadfully it didn't take long for it to return again.

It hasn't become worse, but it definitely is a aggravation.

I haven't tried antihistamines as the last time I had a Dr. look at it she simply thought it was an allergy and gave me fusic acid. Of course, the Dr. make no connection with Hashimotos or high antibodies or even urticaria. I now know its something in my diet and blueberries unfortunately, are topping the list. I never had a problem with allergies in my life...until now I guess.

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Yes, after a lifetime free of food allergies I developed an allergy to crustacea a few years ago so I feel your pain. :-(

It is often the things you enjoy most that you become allergic to. There is a theory that the sensitivity gives you a sort of 'high' so you enjoy those foods to which you are sensitive even more than normal until something shifts and you develop a full-blown allergy. Or the more conventional theory is that it's like contact dermatitis, where the more of it you ingest the more likely you are to become allergic.

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ps. I love your 'buaf' - ! I have never seen that distinctive sound written out. It reminds me fondly of my high school french teacher who employed it like a native. He also used to say 'euuuh, mon oeil!' when given a particularly unlikely homework-related excuse.


Je, je. I actually get it from my husband! He loves it, buaf! Oh of course, there's bof!

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Oh fantastic, and am I right to think that 'bof' is a more sceptical noise ('no way') whereas 'buaf' is more, er, frustrated like 'ugh' or 'feh'?

I'm fascinated by these noises, like that intake of breath you hear by Irish or Swedish natives, I'm obsessed w that! Wiki calls it an inhaled affirmative 'yeah' but it is also a sort of placeholder/filler noise/connecting word like donc, alors etc. God, language eh?


Yes, I think the BOF is probably a little more sophisticated and sceptical. ")

Ha Ha


it will take a good 3-6 months of non gluten diet to cease the reaction you're getting from the gluten exposure and start to heal your gut, while your gut is leaky your immune system could fire off at all sorts of things, have you done a food tolerance test? would be a good idea while things calm down, WobenzymN and turmeric might help too to get your antibodies down


This may be completely wrong in your case...please forgive me I am new here and new to my new hashimoto's diagnosis...but I have itchiness and welts regularly around my elbows, I have read that this is just 'another one' of my symptoms...for me it comes and goes with differing intensities and cannot figure out if food related, but not so bad to think to take any meds for, not sure if this is helpful info to you or not but thought I should mention it.

A few years ago I had 'insane' urticaria...elbows and shins effected to the extent of scratching until skin came off and bleeding...bad scaliness, it was terrible. I saw several specialists when the histamine and steroids had no effect...I previously had candida and had been on a strict candida diet and the only thing that I still couldn't re introduce at the time was soy.

I was recommended acupuncturist/Chinese medicine man by an osteopath I was seeing for muscular problems...

Anyway within 2 weeks of seeing him my skin was slowly starting to get felt like he saved my life at the time.

Interesting now to look back on this time with my diagnosis...looking back on bloods it would appear that I was hypothyroid then too.

Thought it was worth mentioning to you as at the time I was desperate for answers...

Good luck x


Forgot to mention also that after taking his concoctions I could also reintroduce soy.

I am definitely going to go back to him although he is quite a long way from me now to see if he can help me again.


Brimstone9- Thank you so much. I have been studying the salicylates in foods like crazy, scientific papers etc. and I must say it is wild stuff. I think my blueberries were actually the topping of the iceburg. I believe now it is down to diet and excess salicylates and my cuppa of tea may be attributing to my cup of demise!!! Beware tea lovers!! "(

For whatever reason, or better due to the Hashimotos, leaky gut and everything attached...I now have this sensitivity to salicylates. I just cannot nor could not accept that because of my Hashimotos I get this urticaria. I think with everything as with Hashimotos there is a bottom line cause and its a matter of figuring it out and not just accepting it...otherwise for me personally I would have fallen prey and continue to do so with my symptoms and never know why my body does these things. What is worse is the aggravation will only continue and than I will put myself back in the hands of the Drs only to continue the viscous cycle of negligence. Knowledge as always is power.

Soooo now that I have got that off my chest. Sorry about my venting. I seriously think for all of us suffering from means we have to seriously look at our diet or what we are doing There is something we are doing or eating/drinking habitually and your body is having difficulty with it especially with a compromised immune system aka Hashimotos.

You are absolutely right about the Chinese Dr or alternative-functional Dr ..they get it. My experience is they treat the body as a whole whereas a conventional Dr. simply says "ah you have some type of a reaction or could be anything. You just need to put some toxic cream on it and it will go away eventually.'" Unfortunately, they never put the pieces together!!!

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Thank you. I now get the hives from oatmeal, soy, soy sauce and possibly avocados. Go figure!😔


Completely agree!

Dr's haven't got the time to investigate and they are there to just write a script or be the middlemen between us and blood testing and specialist referrals...

We have no choice but to be our own health detectives and use them for what we can.

I think I've just about found my voice with them and they are helping now because I'm asking...quite loudly!

They missed a crucial diagnosis a few years ago...appendicitis and passed it off as urinary infections and prescribed a host of different antibiotics hence the candida...even when I was in the emergency room they still tried to tell me it was urinary tract!!!

I have learnt my lesson the hard way and now believe the 2 year grumbling appendix with crazy amounts of antibiotics could have been the trigger for the hashimotos! I could be wrong but am investigating all my bloods now from way back to try and get the biggest picture I can.

All the best of luck with your diet and continued research.


I too have hashi and salicylate intolerance .. feel rough most days .. feel your pain


yatespr-I may have figured it out. I stopped all nuts completely. This means I can now eat strawberries, blueberries, avocados etc. Once I cut nuts for good ...the itchy rash went away. However, I heighten my sensitivity in general if I have to many nuts, etc. My culprit was almond butter, almond milk, gluten free cookies w almond flour etc.


I do not have Hasimotos, but have had my thyroid checked, and it is ok. I have had nine years of unexplained pain in my gut, which started with vast quantities of macrobid...for a bleeding bladder infection, that would not go away. Turns out my bladder infection was a stuck kidney stone (the size of my thumbnail, only one I have ever had...oxylates from drinking large amounts of black decaf tea...neverr did the quack take an ultrasound! I discovered it by drinking a large amount of water, one day, went to wee, and my bladder felt like it was going inside out, I heard a clink in the toilet, and low and behold a huge kidney stone, I took it straight to the idiot, and was told ...gee this would kill a man! Well next I broke out with yeast all over my head, face, eyes,nose, and ears, it took me 5 years to get rid of this. I started on probiotics, and water. At he same time I developed pain in my stomach and intestines, started reacting to aspirin with horrible pain, in stomach and intestines, this was labled ibs? Was put on zantac, now I can not even use a salon pas, or anything with Salicylic Acid, or stomach goes into gastritis. Well at one point I decided maybe it is the pesticides n our food and went full bore gluten and dairy free. (Musta been something to that I have lost 50 lbs, and my blood work has never been better). Now looking back the stomach issues never went away, always pain...I was on such a "healthy diet", well...after that new almond milk with more protein in it...I started that straight away. About maybe 4 weeks or less I started getting really bad stomach pain...that went into my intestines...somehow I stumbled on the salicylic food Sensitivities site, and almost fell over! I believe this to be my IBS. I was eating every vegetable and fruit on he very high list, and the almond milk was the straw! I quickly removed that, switched to soy, stopped my blueberries, zucchini, and this morning I have no pain. Last nite I did have some cherry. Chocolate soy ice cream on right now I am going to stay on a few high ones, but add a bunch of the low ones...I just can not believe doctors know nothing. I believe it as Devine intervention to find that site...but have read to not go completely off of them...then you could become even more sensitive. I think moderation is key here, and there needs to be more edition about this, people are scamming people right and left with ibs! You must become your own detective!

Now I maybe will not have to ever take an acid reducer again...but I will at least know where all this came from. I will stay on my probiotics, and I take this stuff called mago7 for constipation (best thing, you must research this, if you have this complication, and start is large molecules of magnesium that do not enter the blood stream, with ROS system being oxygenated, gets rid of yeast colonies, bad bacteria, and poop!) This has truly been a journey (I think by the 8 courses of macrobid)...but no more almond milk, almonds have SALCIN in them which is basically Salicylic Acid, why is this such a hidden factor, they are supposed to be soooooooo healthy! I did call Silk and told them they need to label their almond milk,...I was eating almond yogurt, Ice Cream, and drinking the milk, on top of eating every vegetable and fruit high in Salicylic Acid...had no idea!!!!!!! Today I awoke with NO pain n my gut...utterly amazing, I have been bedridden, and maybe I can have my life back? I hope this long diatribe helps someone. Oh, mago7 is made by aerobic life, for over 20 years, why don't docs know about this? Miralax, little pieces of plastic, with anti freeze? No way!

Have a great day!😉


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