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T3 check


Good afternoon everyone!

So basically I slowly introduced t3 into my daily meds. I started in May on 125mcg if levo and am now taking 75mcg of levo and 25mcg if t3(cytomel) which i split into 2 doses 1/2 early morning half in the evening.

Im currently holidaying in Algiers and decuded to go to an endo to check my bloods as I've been on this dose for several weeks now.

TSH 0.027 (0.270 _ 4.200)

T4 14.09 (12.00_22.00)

T3 6 (3.10_6.800)

The test was taken in the morning fasting around 10 hours after my evening dose of t3 and before taking my morning meds.

Is the T3 too high?

Im not having symptoms of bein hyper and actually feel much better then i have on years

The endo wasn't happy and said i should stop the t3 and reduce my levo to 50mcg and come back in a month 🤤. I literally laughed in her face and told her someone would have to come to me for the blood as I would be bed ridden. Unbelievable 😒

Thankyou all in advance

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I need my FT3 around that level (I also need my FT4 higher in range too). So if you're not having symptoms, and you feel well, there is no need to reduce your T3. And to suggest reducing your Levo as well, when your FT4 is already near the bottom of the range, is sheer madness. They seem to have ignorant endos there too!

Just do your own thing, spend £29-£39 on a Medichecks Thyroid Monitoring Test in a few weeks' time to double check your levels, and ignore what this endo is saying.

Thankyou so much 😊


Blood tests were introduced along with levothyroxine aione, therefore if we add in additional hormones the results don't correlate. So it is all about how 'we feel' on specific doses of hormones.

Professionals should not treat us according to 'results' but on the relief of our clinical symptoms. If they are resolved we're on the right dose.

If we add T3 into T4, the T3 will be higher and TSH lower.




seekingjenna71 in reply to shaws

Professionals should 😐. She claimed i had too many hormones, not sure how she worked that out with everything in range.

shawsAdministrator in reply to seekingjenna71

If you had 'too many hormones' you would be hyPERthyroid and not Hypothyroid :)

Your T3 is at top of range and I felt my best at top, as long as you have no hyper symptoms or heart palps etc then go with how you feel, doctors are ignorant to thyroid and some even ruin lives, stick to your guns and don’t let a doctor intimidate you..just be aware of your blood pressure and hyper symptoms. Sick for too long and when one finally feels good I would change my doctor before I would change my meds..

Looks like your doctor doesn't know results are read differently if taking T3 in any form. TSH will be suppressed, FT4 can fall in range but FT3 should be high in range but never over.

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