Supplier/s of levothyroxine please


I need to top up my levo as my gp has started me on 25 mcg after I had been used to taking 3/4 - 1 grain ndt. I was on my knees this week and upped it myself to 50 mcg which I want to maintain for 6-8 weeks before I declare. I'm hunting around the web for a trusted provider of t4. My usual NDT supplier stocks Eltroxin - the new version.

My gp is prescribing Wockhardt but I found some unpleasant product contamination info from several years back. In short I want it all...a decent make from a trusted supplier, and over the net.

I just nearly completed a transaction and got cold feet.

Would appreciate pm of info anyone might have...thank you x

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  • Hi ellismartin could you send me your supplier too please. I was reluctantly given 75mcg Levo by my old Doctor. Feeling well on it (so far), but I fear my new doctor will lower back to 50 as she isn't 'comfortable ' giving me the higher dose. Waiting to see an Endo but thought I would bear in mind a reputable supplier of Levo if needed. Thank you in advance.

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