anyone else battling adrenal fatigue?

I am seeing Dr Peatfield middle of nest month. I have significant adrenal fatigue and an underactive thyroid. I am taking a range of supplements (vitamins) and nutri adrenal twice daily. is there anything else I can be doing to help my adrenals? to try and avoid being put on HC pills in the future? I am on 75mcg of thyroxine and 5mcg t3 and although my bloods are normal after a urine test I discovered that my t3 at tissue level is quite poor.

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  • Don't know much about adrenals as mine seem to be OK, but vitamin c is especially good I understand. His much of that are you taking?

    Good luck with the appointment x

  • I take 1000 vit c in morn and 1000 at lunch, not sure what the upper limit is for vit c xxx

  • I think the only limit is what your bowels can tolerate! It gets excreted if you don't need it, but too much can cause diarrhoea.

  • last sept I was bed/house bound for the most part of 13 weeks so I have come far to get to where I am now but have still got a way to go. hopefully I can do this all naturally so that im not dependent on steroids

  • Dr Peatfield is a very nice man. I saw him some years ago. Unfortunately I didn't keep up the visits. may I ask what symptoms you have with adrenal fatigue. I think you can trust him.

  • I take Nutri Adrenal Extra based on Dr P's advice. Check with him on what dosage you should be on. Although it says two daily he may recommend more (as in my case).

  • have u found it works for u? what shape were u in before starting it?

  • with my adrenal fatigue I got more and more fatigued then sept just 'crashed' my eyes were sensitive to the light my ears sensitive to noise I would get shaky when angry or upset, everytime I was driven in a car thought we were gonna crash, I was jittery and on the edge.vitamins and rest have got me to where I am now but the fatigue is still bad so cant do things like work part time. my concentration is still poor, sometimes I will start watching a film then walk off do something else. my temp was 35.4! but now is 36.8 however I get persistant viral infections so don't know if my current temp is not that of an illness. have been labelled as a chronic fatigue patient by the NHS but know that's the docs cop out! has nutri adrenal been useful for people? as in been taking it a week and haven't notice much change yet.

  • Hi, I have the exact same symptoms ,i have hypo due to surgery and now been labelled cfs and cant work ,i have read dr peatfields book and have decided to try the adrenal suppliments which I started last tues ,i have just been taking the dose as per label but not felt much improvement yet ,i will wait a wk and up them ,i also started taking my levo at night which has improved my ability to function a bit better in morning

  • this is interesting how does taking levo at night help?

  • After taking levo for years in the morning with all my other meds and with food I have recently just found out that it is better taken on a empty stomach and not taken within 4 hrs of any meds and that it is better absorbed with some people at night .I found that out on this site .

  • Hi lairlou32, I was very same and I have been on adrenal extra,nutri adrenal, thro complex, nutri thyroid, t convert, cq10,magnesium, vit d3 drops, dhea, 7 keto dhea, have been taking these for over 6 months and I have started to feel better in the last few months, very frustrating as have had crashes too as I am stubborn and have a hard time accepting diagnosis'! ! :-( And my dr said your adrenals have been worn out over a long period of time so fixing them naturally is not going to happen over night! That was me told!! :-) he is right though but I am very impatient!! So suppose my advise is to keep going with them as it takes time and rest as much as you can! They do work but very slowly!! I wish you all the best and am sending gentle healing hugs xxAngel xxx

  • were u bed/house bound at the beginning? (or near enough) are u able to live your life now fully? like are u able to do activities/work in day? how about night?

  • Hi lairlou, I have not really been well for nearly four years and it all really started in 2010 where I completely crashed, I was bed bound for a month,nhs dr just kept saying it was a mystery virus, started off seeing a nutritionist in desperation and she said to ask my dr for a h pylori test to be done, nhs dr refused, went private got h pylori test and was positive, got diagnosed last year with m.e/c.f.s, adrenal fatigue, borderline thyroid, ibs, over active bladder and fibromyalgia and still looking for answers! But the nutri thyroid and adrenal type med's have def picked me up off the floor so to speak but I feel I have a way to go yet! I am still just about working, but have been able to-condense my shifts which has helped but in my days off I am usually resting otherwise I know from previous experience I will crash! Very frustrating! I've have just found out that i am calcuim deficient and testosterone deficient too which is a new one for me! Seeing my dr again in a few weeks so not sure prob what will happen, more supplementation I suppose!

    Hope this helped, Soz I've wittered on! Hope your feeling better soon, gentle hugs Angel xxx

  • very interesting. esp about the h pylori. were u treated for it? its good to know that u can be so bad yet now be able to work, I would love to work again but need my adrenals to pick up more first.

  • Hi Lairlou32, yes I was treated got the h. Pylori with 3 lots of antibiotics and lansoprazole, hard going but it worked. It is nice to know its possible to get -your work life back to some degree but it takes time tho and my advice wld be to listen to your body (as I didn't I kept trying to fight it hence the crashes!!)

    Best of luck Hun xxxAngelxxx

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