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Advice please: Cortisol, DHEA and Reverse T3 results

Advice please: Cortisol, DHEA and Reverse T3 results

After starting ndt (gp and Endo unaware) my adrenals have shown how bad they actually are. Been telling Gp and Endo for years because of symptoms, but nhs tests -8am blood and 24 hrs urine were normal. I cannot take much thyroid medication at the moment as it's like throwing oil on a fire. Feel so drained, severe headaches, total overreaction to any little thing, stressed and anxious/panicky. Sent results to Gp and he said he can't do anything but refer me back to endo which could take at least 6 weeks! How can I manage for that long on low thyroid meds and bad adrenals. Reverse T3 result is low too.

Any help would be gratefully accepted

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Are you able to obtain some desiccated adrenal from a health food store? If you could start on that right away it may help.


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