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Advice please: Results of Cortisol, DHEA and Reverse T3 tests

After starting ndt (gp and Endo unaware) my adrenals have shown how bad they actually are. Been telling Gp and Endo for years because of symptoms, but nhs tests -8am blood and 24 hrs urine were normal. I cannot take much thyroid medication at the moment as it's like throwing oil on a fire. Feel so drained, severe headaches, total overreaction to any little thing, stressed and anxious/panicky. Sent results to Gp and he said he can't do anything but refer me back to endo which could take at least 6 weeks! How can I manage for that long on low thyroid meds and bad adrenals. Reverse T3 result is low too.

Any help would be gratefullyaccepted.

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Try to visit Dr. Hertoghe' Clinic in Brussels. His team could help you!

I know his fees are bit high, but the men is a genius!


The man himself is, yes. IF you manage to get an appointment with him himself. The team in his clinic are very much like any other bunch of doctors. Some good, some bad. Ask Anna69 and thecat about Hertoghe doctors.


I take it you have to go to Brussels and money aside even I don't travel due to panic attacks and feeling so ill due to all this thyroid issues :-(


I've never before hear anyone say that their rT3 is too low... Why do you think it's too low?

Actually, your adrenals don't seem that bad, to me. Not at the moment, anyway. They could decline further. Are you taking lots of vit C? Adrenals need lots of vit C and B vits. And make sure you get enough salt.


Hi Greygoose,

I havnt been able to take the nature-throid that I had started months ago and even 25mcg levo and 5mcg t3 feels like throwing oil onto fire with adrenals. Maybe that's why rt3 is low? I was expecting high because I don't convert t4 properly so have felt that I've had excess hormone sloshing around before. Gp and Endo refuse to test rt3. I take a good Vit C with rosehips, Vit D high strength, Selenium, Vit B12 etc good prebiotic. I've started Nurture Adrenal, Swansons Holy Basil and Zinc with Calcium, since test results. Gp has seen test results but won't act until endo advises him. endo app probably 6+ weeks wait! Last Genova test I showed him which showed I was high mid afternoon, he just said they don't support saliva testing! So no action. Ignores the list of symptoms I have of adrenal issues. Dr Peatfield did the broadabarnes tests of reflex, blood pressure, temp etc which showed my adrenals weren't right. Idk why they can try me on a little of whatever they would for high adrenals and see how it goes. X


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