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Up a smidge?

I am on 3 grains of NDT. My latest blood results are TSH 0.01, T4 13.2 (11-25) and T3 5.1 (3.1-6.8) (and a mahoooosive bruse to show for it!)

Please could anyone who has a brain cell that is not in a fog have a look and see if they think I could go up a half grain?

Ferritin was 101 (15-300) has gone up a hyge 26 points 7 months of taking ferritin! They refused all other tests and I had to smile nicely through gritted teeth to get the tests done at all.

Thankyou from an elderly blonde!

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Yes. :) I think you could try another half grain - there's some wiggle room there with the FT3.


Hi Serenfach, what is wrong with this picture. I would think on 3 grains of NDT, your T4 should be higher. Maybe it's because you are getting 27 mcgs. of T3 in your NDT.......UNLESS you are feeling fabulous. If there is a problem, some actually feel better with a reduction rather than an increase.

Why do you have a bruise?

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Hi Serenfach, reading your results is interesting as mine are almost identical. After 8 months on NDT after I switched from Levo. I am now on 3.75 grains with TSH < 0.01; FT4 12.4 (11-25), FT3 4.6 (3.1-6.8). The FT3 initially rose to 6.8 and I felt great. I wonder too why my FT4 has never gone up, and why my FT3 was initially so good and then dropped on the same dose of NDT? My ferritin is 37 and always has been..

Any ideas gratefully received :-)


serenfach , I can't help with your query but from one elderly blonde to another thanks for the chuckle. 😀

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Oh dear, not much further forward as one says up and one says maybe down....dont get me wrong, glad for any help as my brain was saying much the same. I am not feeling 100% but it is so long since I did, I have forgotten what it feels like. The bruse is from the blood test - it is 2" across now. I showed it to a nurse friend and she was horrified and said "you have such good veins, I could hit them from the next room!"

Glad I made you smile @Pinkpeony - I made a sticker for the back screen of the car - "blonde with PMT and no chocolate on board - back off!". I think I will replace it with "natural blonde with thyroid problems, be afraid, be very afraid!".


I got a big bruise when I gave blood as a teenager. It could be a coincidence that my mum has thyroid trouble. Or maybe not....


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