You couldn't make it up!

While I was really poorly, the NHS GPs would only test my TSH. The endo did my T4 once, but never T3. So now I am better, after treating myself, they test all 3 - whaaaaat?????

Anyway - I have been on NDT since mid-March & these are this week's results.

TSH 0.05 (0.03-5)

T4 14 (9-25)

T3 4.9 (3.5-6.5)

My ferritin is now at 80, after supplementing since January, and my hair has stopped falling out.

My cholesterol has come down from 5.2 to 4.6.

I was taking 1 3/4 grains but then started to feel slightly wired, and private tests confirmed I was right at the top of T4 & T3 ranges so I dropped back to 1 1/2. However, I have started to get a bit of acne again & feel not quite as good as I did. But I am currently under a massive, really massive, amount of emotional stress which could be having all sorts of effects.

My T3 though is only mid-range, so does anyone think I could perhaps do with upping to 1 1/2 & 1 3/4 on alternate days?


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  • Hi Harry. It's just another typical example of inept GP's and Endo's. Did you query why they were now suddenly willing to do the extra tests?

    Which NDT have you been on? I presume you've been buying it yourself?

  • Naturethroid, yes buying it myself. I only got the results yesterday over the phone so I haven't asked, and to be honest I don't really want to speak to them!! When she started to give me the T3 & T4 result I thought the TSH must have been out of range and that's why they'd done them, but it isn't. Weird!

  • I'd still get the printout from them, with the ranges. Did you tell them that you were self treating? If so, maybe they were hoping to prove you wrong.

  • I will when I can get in, but I know all the ranges anyway. They knew I was taking ndt as my private endo wrote to tell them and asked for the tests. I go back to see her in a fortnight.

  • Harry, They're probably keeping an eye on things since your private endo wrote to them. I'd be inclined to up your dose to 1 3/4 grains daily until/if you feel wired and then cut back to 11/2 and 1 3/4 grains alternate days.

  • HarryE, glad you've been successful in going it alone. I think emotional stress makes it much more difficult to manage and trial and error will be part of the solution. You could try flexing times of dose, times for food too. And if you can, while you're under so much stress, try to eat healthily and exercise, as I feel these can counteract some of the results of stress All the best..

  • Thanks, I do eat well and exercise, but I can't see this issue going away any time soon so it's going to be a long slog

  • I would guess that your problem is not the thyroid hormone you are taking, but that the emotional stress you are under has raised your cortisol.

    Just a theory... Dunno if it has legs...

  • Thanks, maybe it does. I have a test kit for saliva cortisol so might get on and use it.

  • were doing so well and your cholesterol was good.

    If you are under a high degree of stress I wouldn't be looking much further for your relapse myself...........knowing personally what stress can do .The adult acne also has stress as one of it's many possible causes ......also hormone changes( but don't know how old you are regarding that one and I'm not prying!!!) menopause,heat,certain foods,alcohol and exercise all mentioned.

    My FT3 was 4.1( 4.0- 7.8) when my Endo suggested a trial of T3 so yours seems a bit low too.I'm only just going down the NDT road trial so not equipped to comment but ,hope you have someone you can talk with to help with the stress and may be your GP and Endo may actually be taking notice of you now, on a positive note.We can only hope

    they will see beyond the TSH test.

    Keep posting will get the feel good feeling back

    You know everyone is here to help.Look after yourself

  • I'm 47, but haven't had any menopause symptoms just yet. The acne went away totally when I was on a bit more NDT, but has come back just a little. The endo I am seeing is lovely, the GP is just keeping out of it at present and I won't be listening them them anyway! The stress is just a horrid family situation that is going to take some time to resolve, just horrible!

  • Hi Harry, I too am going it alone and I find it best to be very flexible. Recently, for example, I was taking 1 1/2, 1 3/4 grains of armour on alternate days but then felt a bit over-medicated. Came down to two days 1 1/2 one day 1 3/4 and that's working well at the moment but I expect to have to change if it's not quite right. I find I'm operating in a fairly narrow band of being only slightly over or under medicated and that's just so much better than where I was on levothyroxine. I think stress and exercise levels can have an effect that don't necessarily show up straight away - hence the need for flexibilty.

    I too marvel at the NHS system with blood tests. I never had T3 tested until I started on armour and now it always is, without asking. My T3 is also 0.05, but the range begins at 0.2 so I'm deemed abnormal. What a waste though, especially when there are so many people desperate for a T3 test.

  • Maybe it is because I am on NDT, the GP did write that on the form. Oh well, at least I didn't have to pay for private ones!

  • I think your low TSH is probably due to your stress, this will lower your thyroid output (mainly T4) and reduce T4 to T3 conversion. If you didn't have so much stress when you were on 1 3/4 grains this would explain the big difference between the fT3 and fT4 numbers between then and now.

    I would try the alternate days dosing. If you feel 'wired' again cut back. In the longer term address the stress issues (easy to say) as I'm sure this will settle down your thyroid issues as well as everything else. The acne may be a direct consequence of stress rather than an indirect effect of reduced thyroid hormone.

  • TSH was lower on 1 3/4 grains, almost nonexistent. The stress issue will sadly be going on for some time, I'm just going to have to try and deal with it. :-(

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