Help with bloods reading. So confused ! New to this. Please any help

Help with bloods reading. So confused ! New to this. Please any help

Hi I'm new to all of this. Even though I was diagnosed with multi nodular grotire at 19yrs I'm now 34. During this time I've never been tested for it at all. For the last 3 years I've been so unwell, with everything relating to thyroid problems. Like weight gain, hair loss, unable to sleep but yet feeling so tired, tinitus, deafness, tingling in hands feet, pains in legs he lost is endless. Asked my doctor to carry out bloods for thyroid mainly, but others was carried out. She said they was normal appart from B12. I'm seeing lots of people having a more detailed thyroid blood test done. Ask my GP who said no it isn't worth it has T3 goes up and down so wouldn't get a reliable reading. Not even sure what T3 is (I'm new to it all) feel like banging my head against the wall as I'm getting no where, I can demand from my GP but what should I be asking for? Would have thought that a more detailed test would be done what with my thyroid issue already (which she has referred me to ENT who have said it needs to be removed, whole thyroid) for some one could help me and explain the bloods to me and point me in the right direction. As going to my GP with no knowledge gives her more reason to dismiss me 😔

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  • Jaylou82,

    TSH and FT4 levels are euthyroid (normal). FT3 is rarely tested in primary care and some doctors don't order thyroid peroxidase antibody tests unless TSH is abnormal. Whatever reason ENT has for recommending removal of your thyroid gland is not affecting your thyroid levels. After you have a complete thyroidectomy you will be prescribed thyroid replacement the day after surgery.

    B12 is deficient and that will be the cause of many of your symptoms, not thyroid levels. You should feel better after the injections raise your B12 level. is best placed to advise about B12 deficiency and pernicious anaemia.

    This link will explain the low and high evaluations in your full blood count.

  • Thank you, wasn't aware that low B12 could make you feel like this, it's very similar to thyroid problems. Will look into this. Thanks for your reply.

  • Hi.oooh yes.makes you weird and incapacitated

  • Yes, apparently b12 deficiency is often misdiagnosed as dementia in older folk.

  • Did you mean to give this link, Clutter?

  • HB,

    Oops, yes I did, thank you :)

  • Sorry forgot to reply with reason to why they want to remove my thyroid, I have a large grotire which is really big now. Causes me lots of problems with swallowing. It does all become confusing has I have every symptom of Hashimotis, weight gain, puffy face, hair loss, muscle pain even down to trying for a baby for years, I lost 8 pregnancies in a row in 2013/14 only time I managed to carry full term was due to being given progesterone injections for the 1st & 2nd trimester. Only found this out has I went private to see what could be the reason of the loss of so many pregnancies. I already had 2 children previous to this without any problems. Is it possible for my tsh to be at 0.64 I am b12 def which I'm having injections off now. Just find it strange how I can have a grotire so large like mine it has to be removed all symptoms of hashimotis but my bloods say different.

  • Jaylou82,

    My symptoms were hyperthyroid for months and eventually swung between hyper and hypo in hours. TSH, FT4 and FT3 were euthyroid (normal) but antibodies were high which confirmed Hashimoto's. I was told euthyroid Hashimoto's didn't cause symptoms but 9 months later I had a thyroidectomy and symptoms resolved.

  • Hi Jaylou, are you in the uk? I ask as you can get private testing via Thyroid uk website and lots of info from people who know what they're talking about. (t3 is needed by every cell in the body.) I hope a wise one will come help as I am do not wise 😉 B12 is frighteningly low, PA society recommend nearer 1000 and anything under 500 can cause permanent neurological damage! The tingling in hands and feet can certainly be low b12 , mine eased big time when I got It up by supplements, b12 5000 daily plus multi B to balance. Was the test done early morning and fasting?

    Wise one (Clutter) turned up while typing :)

  • Hi yes I'm in the uk, London. No I wasn't told to fast, from what I can remember it was carried out early afternoon. I wouldn't have eaten anyrging though as I don't tend to eat till late afternoon due to feeling sick all the time. I have been having such weird sensations in my head tha I can't explain not sure if this can be due to the B12 😕 GP did say it was low and booked me in for injections in 4 weeks time, I will be calling now and insisting it is done sooner. Certainly will be buying B12, multi B today to start taking. Thank you.

  • Jaylou82,

    Check out the PA forum I linked to for advice before you supplement.

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