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what is thyroid peroxidase

i wanted to get antibodies tested but cant afford it till next week. seeing my endio today hopefully he might do a test. just been looking through my medical records.had 2 tests done last year that i hadnt realized.what do they mean.

thyroid peroxidase Ab conc 6.2 iu/ml 0.01- 34 iu/ml

thyroid peroxidase antibodies 5 iu/ml 0- 34iu/ml

trying to establish if i have secondary hypo and am lead to believe that is something to do with antibodies

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Thyroid Peroxidase AB is antibodies. If they are high, then you have Hasimoto's Thyroiditis, and autoimmune disease that slowly destroys the thyroid gland. Yours are pretty low, so you probably don't have Hashi's.

But Hashi's has nothing to do with secondary hypo. Secondary hypo is when there is a problem with the pituitary, rather than the thyroid gland itself. To see if you have that, you need to test the TSH, FT4 and FT3. All three are low in secondary hypo.

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does that mean i could have a swelling on the pituarity and NOT have thyroid probs... As my results a year ago were low surely my endio should have followed thru on this... Seeing as i have recent results of low t3 and t4 what tests should i ask for today.


I don't know what tests are done for pituitary problems. Most endos/doctors only look at the TSH, so thy don't pick up on secondary hypo. Try suggesting it.


Hi There.

Sorry to worry you. I hope you could help me.

What are the "normal" levels for TPO and TG.

My levels are:


Anti - TG Antibody 43.74 IU/mL H

Anti - TPO Antibody 95.66 IU/mL H

My doctor did say they were high, but Im just wondering how high is high??

I do have an underactive Thyroid and am on Eltroxin.

Thanks so much.


Well, usually, you get a range for the antibodies, as in your post above :

6.2 iu/ml 0.01- 34 iu/ml

5 iu/ml 0- 34iu/ml

At that time, they were low, but antibodies fluctuate all the time. So, now you have another test, and if the range is the same, then yes, you do have Hashi's, they are high.

It doesn't matter how much over the range they are - over is over. That's why we have ranges. And, if the ranges are the same, your TPOab is quite a bit over. You do have Hashi's. You can never rule out Hashi's completely with one negative antibody test, because they fluctuate so much.

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Thanks so much!


You're welcome. :)


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