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Elevated thyroid peroxidase antibodies

Hi, I am 39 years old and my girlfriend is 33 years old. I have underactive thyroid and she has been newly diagnosed with thyroid peroxidase antibodies of 804.5 IU/mL (<34) and she has been started on 50mcg Levothyroxine. Her symptoms are tiredness, she has puffy eyes, lost her appetite, dry skin, dry eyes, constipation, feeling cold, heavy periods, weight gain, are these all likely hypothyroid? Thanks for reading.

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yes ...2 hypothyroids together .,...hmmm


Do you both work in the same place? Is there radiation in that place of work e.g. are you both x-ray technicians? Use uranium as tracers? Is your place of work located "downstream" of a particle accelerator? etc etc. If you do work at the same place you might want to do some measurements and other investigation of your environment. You might also want to quietly ask any of your other colleagues if they have the same problem. Be careful with your investigations however, management may already know of this risk and might work against you in your enquiries. Go through a union/environmental protection or something like that.

You might first like to take notice whether or not management and "top brass" have offices far away from any laboratories, and/or do not spend very much time around the experiments.


No we work in different places and there is no radiation and we are in admin jobs. No particle accelerators. We do not use uranium.



Hypothyroidism is common enough that we shouldn't make too much of both of a couple having it. Obviously, we'd all ask the question, and that is sensible enough.

I don't suppose either or both of you gave up smoking?


Never smoked

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There are many experienced 'hypothyroid' members on this site so you will surely receive feedback on the questions posed.

The symptoms listed are defo part of an indefinite list for the condition. It is a coincidence that you both have under-active thyroids [hypothyroidism]. Hopefully you will be empathetic to each other's reactions and be able to tackle it as a 'tag team'. With a good endocrinologist, a few adjustments in diet, particular attention to meds prescribed and advice from our forum, it is hoped that you will both soon be on the right track to wellness.

Good luck!


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