Graves disease for 9 years and just started LDN

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I was diagnosed with Graves and mild TED in 2007, after first baby started on meds PTU but did nothing. Tried so much, got amalgam fillings out, water filter, homepathy you name it. The only thing that helped me get my levels back was at age 42 I went to an amazing doc to help with fertility. He put me on lots of supps and one hormonal support. At 44 I had a 2nd baby and graves back with a vengence. I decided to ditch my endos as all they suggest is surgery... I went back to this doc recently and explained he was only one who has actually helped me. He suggested I start on LDN, omegas, vit D and to do allergy test. My Mum is coeliac and I came back neg, so it will be interesting to see if I come up intolerant! Hopefully the end of the road is in sight. So sick of it all! Has anyone else avoided RAI or surgery for hyper? Thanks!

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  • I hope it works for you and those on the forum who have taken LDN have found it very helpful. It's good when you have confidence in whoever you consult.

  • Thanks for the reply, yes I really hope it helps, it's just a struggle to feel 100% and rarely happens...

  • What is LDN? Thanks!

  • HI Nathalie, its a drug called Low Dose Naltrexone....check out Only a handful of medics (in Ireland where I am) will prescribe...

  • Thanks!

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