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my focus has always been on adrenals. just recenty seen that thyroid could be hampering things. Tests have shown deficiencies in thyroid are low. My next questions are trying to sort my temperatures because i have been lead to believe that adrenals are first. my temps on my right dose of prednislone over a period of 5 days where






thats if i sit on sofa and dont move

i find that when it reaches 37.0 i get flu like symptoms and my pulse is high.36.8suites me fine. .

However when i reduce my steriods it goes down to an average of 36.4. ..If i take

the extra steriods I put my temps up to a degree where i find it quite debilitating.

My steriods are not stable at min and i cant get them stable as circumstances like dentist visit stressful situations etc.yo yo my intake..

for instance today i thought i would try taking my temps every hour and adjust my prednisolone when i saw a dip in my temps.. .. so instead of taking 6mg in the morning i would eke them out throughout the day.(1 mg AT A TIME )

36.4 at 6am

36.7 at 9am

36.8 at 12pm

36.8 at 3pm

taking prednisone 1mg every hour. however an uxepected visitor sent my adrenals into unexpected mode and now my temps are breathing is bad and i have had to go to bed..thus meaning i will probably take 2mgs more prednisolone today and how can i plot my temps like this.

which one do i plot. .

sitting around all day is effecting my mobility.

but sitting around all deal might heal my adrenals

.i used to have to sit for 3 days after an outing to recuperate now its only 2 days. so feel i have been on the right path

trouble beeing these tablets take about 5 hours td to monitoro take effect, so its hard to monitor

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From what I know of monitoring temps, you take 5 days of daily averages - 3hours after waking, then 6 hours then 9 hours and you average your temps out. Temperatures will vary throughout the day, that is quite normal. Once you have 5 days of DATS then you can get an idea of how you are tracking. Average temperatures should not vary more than .1C across the 5 days, if they do then your adrenals are not supported well enough and you need to adjust your therapy accordingly. If they are stable but low, then your thyroid needs addressing. My understanding is that prednisolone is long lasting so is taken as one full dose in the morning, however having said that I don't know a great deal about prednisolone, more so hydrocortisone therapy which is dosed throughout the day to match our normal diurnal curve. I am sorry you are feeling so awful. It maybe you need to adjust your therapy so that you can do some things without feeling so terrible. Have you had thyroid tests done and have the results to post? Take care :)

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iron 18.6 umol/L 6.6000 - 26.000

TIBC 49.4 umol/L 41.000 -77.000

transferrin saturation 37.65 20.000 - 55.000

ferritin 221.9 ug/l 13.000 -150.000..

tsh 1.35 0.270 - 4.200

ft4 11.1 pmol 10.0 - 25.0

ft3 3.0 pmol 2.80 - 7.0

folate serum 19.98 ug/l 4.600 - 18.700

serum sodium 141 mmol/l 133 - 146

vitamin b12 458.7 pg/ml 191.000 - 661.000

vitamin d 75.2 nmol/l 50 - 150.

potassium 4.2 mmol/l 3.5 =5.3

chloride 98 95- 108

urea 5.1 2.5 - 7.8

creatinine 62 umol/l 45 - 85

eGFR 84 units 90 - 120

ALKALINE PHOSHATES 44 u/l 30 - 130

total protein 72 g/l 60 -80

albumin 44 g/l 35 -50

bilirubin 10 umol/l 0 -21

gamma gt 45 u/l 0 -45

alanine transaminase ALT 19 u/l 0 - 40

c-reactive protein crp 10.5 mg/l 0 -5

tsh 0.68 mlu/l 0.4 - 4.00

white cell count 9.40 10 9/l 4.0 - 11.0

red cell count 4.03 1012/l . 3.8 - 5.80

haemoglobin 141 g/l 115 -165

haemotocrit 0.427 l/l 0.37 -0.48

red cell distrubion width 14.0 % 12-15

mean cell volume 106.0 fl 80-102

mch 35.0 pg 27 - 32

mchc 330 g/l 320 - 370

platelets 201 10 9/l 150 - 450

neutraphils 6.31 10 9/l 1.8 - 7.5

lymphocytes 2.02 10 9/l 1.0 - 4.5

monocytes 0.83 0.2 - 1.2

eosinophils 0.17 0.04- 0.4

vitamin d 3 x 400iu daily

vitamin k

krill oil 1,000

magnesium citrate half teaspoon daily

bi carb soda half t spoon daily

celtic sea salt 4 glasses daily

vitamin b12 1.000 lozenges daily

vitamin b complex

betain hlc


Thanks Elvera. I am hoping others may help here too as I have experience with some parts but not all. From what you have listed I understand that you are not on any thyroid meds, is that correct? I understand that tsh is best at about 1 and your other levels are a little lowish, when on no thyroid hormones your ft4 should be 60% of range (15) and ft3 the top quartile (4.5-5). Also your crp and ferritin over range indicate some inflammation. Probably it would be a good idea to increase your krill oil a bit. vit d and b12 also seem a little low and require an increase. Given your inflammation markers are up, have you had thyroid antibodies tested and have the results? If not it would be wise to check these. Despite your intake of celtic sea salt your sodium is a little low. When our adrenals struggle it can cause issues with aldosterone and renin which maintain our electrolyte balance. It may be worth checking these too. There is a special protocol for testing these and it is listed on, have a read of the info there it is very helpful. Good luck and take care :)


taking 2x 400 vitamin d3. plus a softgel vit d now. also 3000iu vit b12 .how much krill oil should i take... got appointment with endo next week... to ask about levoroxine, should i point out i need antibodies done.. Any other questions i should be asking. had very bad day yesterday. my pulse went from 68 to 82 when my next steriod was taken. it remained like that all day...i couldnt take any more steriod to my usual dose and consequently woke at 2am an couldnt breath... doubled upon inhalersand took two 1mg prednisolone. ..ok at min but cant walk about.


You poor thing :( Waking in the early hours is a definite adrenals issue. Does your endo help with the prednisolone dosing, as I am not experienced in this area, only with hc. The website states 2000mg of krill, plus a range of other helpful supplements, have a read of the good info there. I would definitely ask for thyroid antibodies test. You want to find out why your inflammatory markers are up.Once again, I am unsure of prednisolone dosing, and think you need your practitioner to guide you here, because it sounds as though you have some really awful symptoms. I do know that stress dosing of 2 x 1mg of prednisolone is equal to 8mg of hydrocortisone and my daughter stress doses in 1mg doses of hc, so it is quite high for a stress dose. However everyone is an individual :) Take care x


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