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I have not taken my ndt for the 3rd day running now due to high t3 on bloods this week (8.8 (3.1-6.8)) and plan to start back on a lower dose tomorrow and yet again try and find my 'sweet spot"!...ironically not once did my temperatures throughout the day indicate I was over medicating! !..on the contrary. .they were still lowish!. .However now I've not had ndt for 3 days my temperatures are the best they have been and my basal this morning was 36.8! !! It has never been that from half a grain right the way up to 2.5 grain!..Go figure!.I am thinking my thermometer as been my downfall !!Maybe my temperatures are better now as my body struggles with ndt and taxed my adrenals causing low temperatures? Who knows ,I'm so confused!Has anyone experience of this?

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  • I will give you a link which may be helpful and if on NDT the blood tests cannot correlate as those were invented with levothyroxine alone. Nor will they if on T4/T3 or T3 only.

    NDT contains T4, T3, T2, T1 and T4 converts to T3 and I don't think the blood test can be identical. T4 is levo alone and has to convert to T3.

    I will give you a link which may be helpful and when on other than T4 (levo) it is how we, the patient, feels which is the criteria.


  • Hi Shaws thanks for responding ..the link explains why when on ndt we shouldn't really be concerned with t4 blood ranges but that fact is I feel overmedicated... .hairloss /palpations/anxiety/feel hot! I also get that the link states as my thermometers are digital and not mercury thermometers that they may not be as accurate but I always used a selection of 3 digital and they all showed the same numbers at the same time.I guess that like the link states maybe generally I run at a lower temperature that's normal for me like some do with this condition and they may never completely recover..but if that's the case why is it rising now I've not taken anything for 3 days?..surely it should be dropping no matter what the starting point is??...I simply can't find an answer to it!...I also used to take note that after I would take my dose of ndt (either split or one dose)that my temperature shortly after would drop considerably like my body didn't like the ndt and struggled with processing it!...My tsh as gone from 0.01 to 0.005 since the increase of half a grain..this coupled with symptoms that only came with increase in ndt I do think shouts I'm overmedicated for me .

  • If you feel overmedicated then it is right to reduce dose.

    That's really only the way we can treat ourselves by going on how we feel.

    Sometimes our temp doesn't return to normal, even when on an optimum of hormones.

  • If you were hypothyroid for a long time without treatment (or without adequate treatment) your temperature might never return to normal even if you get your blood test results absolutely perfect. It might tell you something helpful if it rises or falls, but I don't think you can rely on the absolute level of it to ever be "normal".

    Although I can't tell you what it indicates I've had a similar experience to you recently. My Free T3 was 8.5 with the same reference range as you quote. When I stopped my T3 for a few days to allow the level to fall my temperature went up (just for a few days). I have now reduced my dose of T3 from what it was, and although I'm generally feeling a bit better, I don't think it is going to last. My temperature has now gone into free fall, and I'm back to wearing thick woolly socks in bed, and I need to sleep under several layers of blanket in addition to my duvet.

  • I hope you feel better soon humanbean....the whole business is so very complicated !...symptoms of over and under medication are so similar so I thought temperature at least could help me gauge what's going on !grrrr!...one thing I hadn't had with under medication though but had with over medication was the scalp and face crawling tingling with hairloss situation!...just hairloss with under....so that's shall be my gauge from now on I think!.

  • My termperature rarely goes over 36.7, whether I am optimally dosed on NDT, or under or over, as I have been on occasions. I don't use it as a guide. I prefer blood pressure which, for me, is a more accurate marker.

  • Yes well I am in agreement with you on that one from now on !....what did you do if you were overmedicated?

  • Reduced the dose of NDT, by 1/4 grain.

  • Scazzoh are you still taking LDN?.I took it for a few months a couple of years ago..I had to buy 50mg tablets and mix with distilled water and use the solution to get the low dose, but the only benefits for me were I slept better and amazingly vivid dreams !Have you managed to reduce your NDT with it?

  • Lozzer, I am still taking LDN and am finding it very helpful with general wellbeing - more energy, better brain function, better sleep. I am taking 2 mls at night and will probably increase the dose at some point. It is prescribed by a doctor of functional medicine. I had to really drop the NDT from 2 1/4 grains to 3/4 grains as I became very hyper. I have slowly increased to 2 grains and am feeling fine on that.

  • Hey that's great ...I sometimes wonder to give it another go..(it was so faffy though with the measurements i had to do with the distilled water so it would keep !) as I have plenty left ...who knows !..Glad it works for you :)

  • You can get LDN in ready mixed liquid form so it's easy. You need a doctor to prescribe it though.

  • Yeah I looked thanks into that but it was a bit pricey for me ..hence self medicating .

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