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Hi everyone! I've got an appointment booked with Dr P next month (woo-hoo! It'll be great to see a proper thyroid doctor and be able to get some answers at last! :-) ). Anyway, I've been trying to take my basal temperature as he wants that info on the form I need to complete. But I've noticed that my temperature first thing - when I'm all snuggled up in bed nice and warm - is probably the highest it is all day. For example, this morning it was 36.4, whereas an hour later it had gone down to 35.6. Last night before bed it was 34.8.

So, my question is this - is it correct to try to take my basal temperature while I'm still snuggled up under the duvet, or should I be sitting up on the edge of the bed before I take it (when, presumably, I'll be getting closer to my true temperature)? What I'm thinking of doing is providing Dr P with temperatures both first thing in the morning and at night - so that he can see the variation.

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This is the link:-

I am glad you have an appointment and also glad that Dr P seems to have recovered somewhat from his stay in hospital. I hope he is well.

Thanks for the link, Shaws. So it looks like it should be done while I'm still in bed? This morning, I did feel as if maybe I had a bit of a fever so if I take it over several days I'll see if it evens out. It definitely was lower when I tried to take it before.

Yes, when I spoke to the lady I made the appointment with Dr P with (I think she's the one who runs TPA?) she said he was "better than ever". So it sounds like he's made a full recovery. :-)

I believe that's what Dr P says in his book Your Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy. Temp taken before you get out of bed in the morning.

How are you taking your temp? If it is an in ear thermometer then I would wait a little after getting up, your ear may be warmer from being against the pillow. That said, I am sure the Dr wouldn't mind if you gave a few for comparison.

Digital thermometer under the tongue, Deede. From the link Shaws gave me above it does look like I should still be in bed when I take it. I'll see how it goes over a few days. It's still definitely at the lower end of "normal" anyway, even though this morning I felt like I was "burning up" with some kind of fever when I first woke up! :-(

Who is this magical dr P? I think I need to see him!

I'm not sure if we're meant to discuss specific doctors, Bear, but he's the author of "Your Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy" (a very interesting read!) - look up the book on Amazon and you'll see his name. He's an ex-GP and now nutritionist who concentrates on helping people like us with thyroid/adrenal issues. He has a private clinic down south somewhere - and also does occasional outreach clinics in various parts of the UK (one of which isn't too far away from me). If you get the TUK list of doctors/endos from Louise Warvill you'll find his contact details on there! :-)

Whoops sorry I need to read the house rules :)

Many thanks for the trail of breadcrumbs though! I will definitely investigate!

I invested in Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield book "Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy" it is a really helpful book and on page73 he stresses taking your basal temperature "immediately on waking" even before a visit to the bathroom, morning drink etc. when I mentioned this to a stand-in Dr she wasn't interested but am going to mention to my new Dr on next visit as my temperature can range from 34.9 to 35.6 which is low it will be interesting to see how new Dr reacts.

Yes, I've read that book, May. I've been following Dr P's protocol, but felt I needed some face-to-face help .. so that's why I've now got an appointment with him.

It seems strange, when taking my temperature on just waking, it's always higher than it is once I've got out of bed. For example, this morning it was 36.2 immediately on waking (when I was nice and warm in bed!) but had gone down to 35.6 by the time I'd gone to the bathroom! Still, at least with seeing him face-to-face I'll be able to explain that to him and see what he thinks.

Good luck with your new doctor!

If you need to take your temperature at other times of the day you should always leave an interval of at least 15 minutes between eating/drinking or brushing your teeth, so as not to corrupt the reading.

Thanks for the info, Xanthe - I didn't know that.

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