Thyroid disorder and fibroids!

Thyroid disorder and fibroids!

I have had an under active thyroid for 25yrs, I take 150mg thyroxine daily. My weight was 20 stone and I went for a gastric bypass as I could not lose weight.

I was in theatre and was woken up to find I had a tumour in the womb that would require treatment before I could continue with my bypass surgery.

My womb had a growth of tumour that was 14lb in weight. I had no idea that this was there. I did not know... Only when it was removed I felt a sense of wellbeing that I had not felt for years. I had a spring in my step. I have continued to take 150mg thyroxine daily and have had my bypass and got thin and my life has become much easier. I am still always cold but I have taken back control of me.... I had lost this for many years, feeling low, fat, itchy, aching joints, tired, fatigued, stressed...

I am now thin, happy and energised, off my BP medication and still on 150mg thyroxine but enjoying life..

Don't suffer, make things happen...

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Great news and will be received with hope for others on the road to wellness.

You do say you are still cold, so I wonder if the addition of some T3 to your T4 would raise your metabolism just a bit more.

you could not lose weight because you are hypothyroid. The addition of t3, could have helped that or t3 by itself. I would just rather find the root of the problems, than have surgery..again. Yes, fibroids are from hypo and hashimotos. I had them too.

I've been hypothyroid 14 years, had womb out due to fibroids 8 years ago and diagnosed hashimotos 7 months ago. I had no idea hypo was connected but it makes sense with all the symptoms all these years and undiagnosed hashimotos. Having hemithyroidectomy in 2 weeks time.

i would NOT have thyroid removal, even a little bit, if not properly medicated with thyroid meds..which i am most certain you are not. Dr. Isabella Wentz, Mark Hyman, MD, have great ways of putting autoimmune disease into remission and often, for good. I am working on that now. Weight will come back due to fluid retention, when not properly medicated or due to food intolerance which causes autoimmune disease and inflammation. I gained 30 lbs, without eating anymore than a hand full of pretzels and broth. Please look into healing your body, your immune system, rather than removing parts of it that the immune system is attacking. Nothing is wrong with your thyroid, it is your immune system, that is the problem and it will go on to find other sites to attack!

Thank you for your reply but I am on morphine for right side thyroid pain. It is unbearable. I've had it for a year now and started on paracetamol but the pain has got worse so ive gradually gone up the scale if pain relief. My only option is take that side of the thyroid out. Steroids etc don't work. The scans show right side nodules so could be somethjng not right there. I've had Cardiac problems too.

you have autoimmune disease causing this. Hashimotos causes cardiac issues as well, because of thyroid levels and inflammation in the body. I am fighting to get my thyroid up and running and getting rid of my hashimotos and off of thyroid meds. we are just looking at things from 2 different points of view. My thyroid is shrunken, no pain, but my heart goes crazy, all of my muscles and joints hurt and i cannot weight what i normally did, i cannot sleep, sometimes my food does not digest and i go months on broth, still gaining weight..on and on, which has nothing to do with just my thyroid. I know that if i do not heal my immune system, i will always feel bad, i am desperately afraid to lose my thyroid, because thyroid meds don't make me feel normal at all.

You poor thing. I'm sorry you're suffering so badly. Here's hoping you heal quickly after the surgery and get back to some kind of normal life - pain-free. Bless you xx

Thank you so much Elven. It is honestly personal hell. Xx

My DIL had a huge goitre about ten years ago. She was scared to go to her GP and have it checked-out. She was also morbidly obese, bless her. Finally we persuaded her to go to the doctor. She was booked for hospital tests in no time. When the results came back they showed that she had cancer.

She was whisked into hospital to have her thyroid gland removed. She suffered very little pain or discomfort. When we visited every day she was bright and cheerful - and loving the hospital food LOL.

Within one month on levothyroxine her weight fell from 21st to 19st. She continued to lose weight afterwards without dieting and is currenly 16.5st. She eats a lot of sweet things alas, but not every day. Since she also has muscular dystrophy, Reynaud's disease and (as of two years ago) Type II diabetes she very seldom leaves the house and cannot exercise.

Having that operation was a true life-saver. I pray it will be for you, too. You just can't go on suffering in this way. There's no need xx

Oh bless her. Thank you for sharing the story. It's nice to hear she had no discomfort after surgery and continues weight loss. Weight is a huge problem with thyroid issues. I'm hoping the op will be a life saver for me too. Thank you Elven.

I'm so sorry you have all this. I hope you can get on top of it. The symptoms you describe are exactly what we are all going through..... I have given up I'm afraid and it seems surgery is the only option from pain point of view.

Wishing you all the best and hope you feel better when it's all managed. Doctors have a lot to answer for as they don't really know what we go through.

Sometimes surgery really is essential. Again, very best wishes for a speedy recovery xx

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