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How much thyroxine after thyroid removal???

How much thyroxine are people taking after a total thyroidectomy?

I am on 100mg which I'm sure is far too low.

When I had block and replace a couple of years ago I am sure I was on 150mg.

My blood tests are 0.1 off of underactive and I've put on weight and cannot lose any despite dieting and exercising but my endo doesn't seem bothered...keeps saying its 'in range' which it is but only just.

My weight is really getting me down.

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Just because your TSH is in range it doesn't mean that is the right level for you. He should be adjusting your dose until your symptoms disappear while keeping your t3 within range. Some doctors prefer to keep the tsh within range but if you'd is right at the top of the range, there is plenty of room for an increase.

As a comparison, I was on 125mcg and I still have my thyroid which I presume still works a little bit. 150mcg sounds much more sensible. I hope you get the increase you need.

Carolyn x


Thanks Carolyn, sorry should have said the TSH is in range but towards underactive and T3 which is 0.1 away from underactive. I'm so frustrated my GP gets it and will raise my medication when I get signed off from the consultant as he agrees with me but at the moment he can't :-(


Your GP sounds very good. Let's hope your endo discharges you soon!

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Hi tsm, you could need even 325 mcgs. of thyroxine IF your adrenals can handle it. Did you have your thyroid removed? due to Graves? Being hyper for a long while may have worn out your adrenal glands. I wonder if you'd have time to watch this video, there is so much more to this than we realize.


Tsm1982, I was originally prescribed 200mcg Levothyroxine to suppress my TSH. TSH remained suppressed on 100mcg but FT3 was below range. Currently on 100mcg Levothyroxine + 30mcg T3 which is equivalent to 190mcg Levothyroxine.

My sister had her thyroid ablated with radioactive iodine and has been happy with 100mcg for over 3 years.


I'm on 100


Ideally, most of us feel well on a TSH of 1, or lower and some suppressed (which Endos mistakenly believe will give us heart attacks). This is a link which may be helpful to you.

Besides, I have hypothyroidism, didn't have a TT and I think the very least you should have been offered is T3 to your T4. You might not be converting sufficient T4 into sufficient T3 and T3 is the active hormone every single receptor cell in our body requires for us to function, particularly heart as it may not be able to pump efficiently, never mind our brain which has the most T3 cells.

We have to read and learn and you will know more than the Endocrinologist who is only taking notice of the computer print-out and not your clinical symptoms (doesn't know them probably either).


I was on 125 post surgery and felt dreadful with similar symptoms.The surgeon's registrar wanted to reduce based on TSH, but I refused. When I saw endo, he increased to 150 and some of symptoms improved. Now on 112.5 thyroxine plus 30 liothyronine which is the dose that seems to work the best for me. Sandy


Before TSH blood tests, most were replaced with between 200 and 400, so it's not surprising you are suffering.


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