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Why have my thyroid problems not gone away

Hi I am currently taking 150mg Thyroxine and was diagnosed 18 years ago. I have never felt well, the best I can hope for is a 7-10day relief period before everything falls down on my head again. I'm exhausted ache dizzy trouble is I can never be sure when I'm going to be well and that's had caused me to let down people and this has led to me feeling unreliable and a disappointment. It's getting to me so much that I may have to take early retirement as I just can't keep up.

Am so tired of being sick and tired any advice?

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Maof4 Your thyroid problems have not gone away possibly due to a few reasons

You might not be absorbing your Levo for some reason, eg

*Are you taking your Levo on an empty stomach, one hour before or two hours after food, with a glass of water only, no tea, coffee, etc.

* Your nutrient levels are low or deficient

* Other medication may be affecting absorption

* Gut problems

* Low stomach acid

Or you might have autoimmune thyroid disease, aka Hashimoto's, which causes fluctuations in symptoms

Or you might be under medicated.

Can you post your latest test results, with reference ranges for members to comment. If you don't have them ask your surgery for a print out, it's our legal right to have them under the Data Protection Act. Ideally you need




Thyroid Antibodies - Thyroid Peroxidase and Thyroglobulin

Vit D





Hi thank you for responding I'm going back to GP on Friday and will get my levels and post them. You could be right about other medication as I'm also taking amlodipine 5mg for high blood pressure. Propananolol for anxiety fluroxetine. What has been a problem is I broke my shoulder and the pain was excruciating they gave me longtec 10mg longtec PR this has caused intense itching resulting in scratching blood inducing dark circles around my eyes I look a mess feel a mess


There could possibly be some interaction between Levo and your other prescribed meds, you'd have to do a Google search about that. But any case, it would be best to take them as far away from Levo as possible to minimise any problems.


Will try this would gang upset down on my washing life it would help.

Thank you


Firstly its vital you always get the actual results for any tests and start a file (your legally entitled to them )

Always ensure blood is drawn very early morning

Fasting drinking only water

Never never take your levo jn the 24 hours before blood draw

Ask your GP to test







Vit d3

All of them must be optimal not just in range as they all are interconnected

Never never accept "normal " from any doctor


Propranolol slows conversion and uptake of thyroxine. It's also commonly used for people who are hyperthyroid.

But you must never stop propranolol suddenly, we have to ween off it incredibly slowly and only once the source of anxiety is resolved.

Anxiety is a common symptom of being hypothyroid

If you are hypothyroid because you have autoimmune thyroid, (high antibodies) also called Hashimoto's, then anxiety may also be because you have hidden food intolerance, usually gluten. Changing to a gluten free diet can astonishingly reduce anxiety for some. (I was on propranolol nearly 20 years plus thyroxine. Able to get off propranolol after going gluten free)

Low vitamin D, folate, B12 and/or ferritin are common when hypo. This can be due to thyroid affecting the gut, reducing our ability to absorb nutrients.

Dizziness can be symptom of low B12


Aching bones symptom of low vitamin D

So as SeasideSusie says, the first step is get copies of recent blood tests and find out exactly what your levels are.


Wow thank you so much, I had no idea I have been taking propranolol with the thyroxine in the morning I have a lot to learn


You could try taking thyroxine at bedtime. It doesn't suit everyone, but lots of us find it very convenient and can be more effective too



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