TSH HIGH & T4 high end of range ... What do I do

TSH HIGH & T4 high end of range ... What do I do

Started to feel fatigued, gained weight, hair has gone thin, suffered with vertigo over Christmas, puffy face. Generally felt unwell, been on levothyroxime for 10 years. At one point was on 300mg for 2 years and felt brilliant. Doctor said I was on too much after dropping to 50mg then upped it to 100mg , which I'm currently on. I requested more thyroxine at this blood test , doctor said no because my t4 was too high and if I take any more thyroxine I will have a heart attack. I said I can't carry on feeling like this. I'm only 31years old . He then gave me 5 weekly injections of b12, which helped a bit and I take vit d3 everyday

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And I suffer from brain fog , my memory is bad!

You need to keep on with the B12 treatment - it is far more than a vitamin deficiency....look at the signs and symptoms in the link below.


Your TSH is high and needs to be around 1 or under. The FT4 is fine as it is not over range. The most important result would have been the FT3 - so try for that so you really know what is going on.

Anti-bodies ??

It is not good for the body to keep changing your dose - I feel your GP was wrong to drastically reduce the amount.

Thanks for replying, I asked for t3 test last year and my nurse said they don't test it and rang the hospital where they do the blood tests and they said they don't test it either . Feel like I'm at a loose end. Don't loads of research over the past few years and I haven't a clue how to get my doctor to test t3. About 2:5 years ago I got referred to the hospital due to being polysymptomatic and they mentioned CFS/ME. Was told to try look after myself / eat well/ exercise which i always do.. Was given naproxen. Loads better now but I remember blood results saying I was positive in thyroid antibodies . I shall find this paper work. Nothing was done re thyroid just kept on same medication .

It sounds as if you have Hashimotos. You can have tests done privately through Thyroid UK. Hashimotos is auto-immune and we have to do our best to heal the gut. Do you have any gut issues ??


Also all the tests are explained on another page. A website full of support and information. We have to read and learn so much to be well :-)

Look out for the Testing package that will also include Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD - as I suspect you are also low in all those too.

I tend to bloat quite a lot ,I was also tested for celiac disease which came back negative . I suffer from indigestion a lot also. Thank you I shall have a look at the links and maybe just save money and go private . I feel like many the doctors in the uk haven't a clue and just look at your blood results and don't listen to your symptoms x

Even if your test came back negative - you can still be gluten sensitive. Why not try giving up gluten for a few weeks and see if you feel better. Gluten in so many things - so beware !

Medicine today is a business - not about getting people well. It is driven by Big Pharma . Dedicated Docs are few and far between. They do not have the time and are not allowed to think for themselves as they think the Guidelinesthat are laid down are rules that must be followed. If they do not - then they can lose their licence to practice.

I would certainly have the tests done privately - what price health. At least you will know where you are.....

As Marz said, it would benefit you to have tests done privately. Seems so many doctors can't see past the end of their noses! I had some of the issues you did also TwinkleP and at one point my PCP took my dosage down by half and it took a whole year just to get back to where I was before that happened range wise. After that, however, I don't think things were ever the same for my body. Knowledge is power and the more you research and learn the better off you are. I truly believe that. I had to take the bull by the horns this past year and get tests done privately and pressed the issue with my PCP. Although she had no clue how to help me she did refer me to an Endo. So far that has been a good thing for me. Don't give up

I'll finally took the plunge and changed my doctors! Been with the doctor for 31 years and feel like I am getting nowhere with him and my health is deteriorating and he generally just doesn't care for me. Going for a medical tomorrow at my new doctors . Please pray that they will listen and hopefully this is the start of a new beginning x

I had my bloods done again and my TSH Came back at 12.75!!! My new docs upped my thyroxine to 150mg and I have to have another blood test done again in 6 weeks : starting to feel better already x

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