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Your take on my latest blood results, please🚨

I'm on -

100mg thyroxine

30mg liothyronine daily, my results are:

Free T4 -12.8 (12-22)

TSH -0.02mU/L (0.27-4.2) *oor* (Lo)

Free T3 -4.8pmol/L (3.1-6.8)

The private endo I see wants me to increase thyroxine by 25mg

Back in March I'd more energy, but from April on I'm really tired and not getting much sleep

Thanking you all X

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Hi Suin, It's probably going to be a bit of trial and error. Your FT4 is lowered due to the T3 you are taking so both numbers seem good in range. I'm glad he isn't holding your low TSH against you. The extra 25 mcgs of T4 may be very helpful.


How are your other levels?



You are not pooling because you do not have a high T3 level.

I don't think you have a conversion problem either as would end up with too much T4 sloshing around your blood stream and your T4 level is low. Even considering the timing of your tests which would influence the results, I still agree with your endo to raise Levo to 125mcg and leave T3 at 30mcg.

Increasing Levo should raise T4 levels a little so giving you a further increased conversion to T3, and medicating additional T3 has been shown to enhance conversion as has the daily supplementation of 100-200mcg selenium.

However....even with the correct meds and doses, in some people thyroid hormone replacement has real trouble working with nutrient//iron deficiencies. You were low in Vit B12, and ferritin a few months back. Have these deficiencies been addressed ?

Do you have any gut issues ? .... Inflammation can depress thyroid receptor site sensitivity so thyroid hormone replacement can not enter cells to become active.

What about cortisol levels ? ...... Inadequate levels can interfere with the HPA axis which in turn suppresses thyroid function as is required to receive T3 from blood into cells where it is active (giving you energy).

Did you ever have a positive thyroid antibody result? That post was interesting ? ..


Selenium aids T4

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Your results seem good and you have a very good Endo as it looks to me he wants to raise your FT3 (I hope). If he is trying to raise your FT4 I doubt it will as taking T3 lowers T4. T3 is the only active hormone required in all of our receptor cells and feel best when its towards the upper part of the range..

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He said he felt I needed some more t4 to keep the ratio right🤔

I haven't had my results from him yet, but he was testing, ferritin vit d b's,

I went to my gp one morning and had the thyroid done as wanted a same time result as my others.

I haven't had tests for gut, and only cortisol test I had done was the Addison one. He tested anti ro and la, as I'd felt I'd syjogerns, and he then said I hadn't lupus, he's a bit squie wiff

I've not had other antibody tests. I'd been taking Brazil nuts, but in my last post I remember greygoose sayin to buy selenium.

Also that as I don't seem to convert well that it might be better to up my T3 instead of added more T4.

I'm so desperate to feel well and get this right, thank you all for your help 💎


Best wishes and you can pass his name onto for her list if you didn't get it from her. :)


Thanks shaws, I will,

I didn't get it from her but from others on healthunlocked

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