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Latest Thyroid Blood Test Trying To Conceive


I had a little break, now I am back. (my previous username was orangepie)

I have posted my latest blood test results post on:

Can you give me some advice and in terms of trying to conceive , do these levels look good to you. They look okay to me now. Just some experience would help. Just want the next pregnancy to go smoothly. Making sure all is in order first.

Thank You

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You are sensible to research as hypothyroid can complicate pregnancies. I hope this link will help:-

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Your results look good and I am crossing my fingers for you!

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Hi there

I'm in the same boat - working to get sorted having had 2 miscarriages and discovering I'm underactive . ( blood tests ) I've just started on NDT and wondering what sort of journey I will have (I have researched and trust my choices but still a bit scary) Im 44, feel well, am fit etc but feel unless I sort thyroid out there won't be a chance of another.

I can't imagine how you must be feeling - you're in a place I hope to be in time. Exciting ( and probably a little vulnerable?)

I am under doctor p and not yet tried to get any gp onboard but I will need support. I was wondering how long it took you to get to the place you're at?

It's wonderful news for you! 😀Enjoy ...... X


My overall TSH was not that high in the first place it was 1.73 and T4 was 16.4. With the medication the TSH is now suppressed to 0.5 and T4 is 24 which is best for pregnancy my endo tells me. The T4 is best at upper range and TSH under 2. I have thyroid antibodies which was/ is the problem, hence why I am on thyyroid meds as this is related to miscarriages- so this medication is proven to help in studies.

I hope i get pregnant soon.

Few weeks prior to this i was taking 50mg everyday but that dose was too much and ended up being on the hyperthyroid side at <0.01 and T4 at 27- the endo was not happy with these results so he gave me 50mg mon-fri instead. Now that seems to be the right dose. I hope it stays around this range.

Yes try and sort it out first. What are your levels?


Hello there ,

Last TSH level was worse after a holiday, running, sleep and healthy diet! T3 and T4 were improved. At that stage I hadn't started NDT and doc thought possibly the TSH was working extra vigorously to try and get the thyroid going.

TSH 26.9

T3 3.8

T4 6.8

I won't know how I'm doing until blood tests in a month or so. I've never actually felt ill tbh but had 2 sets blood work done - the first was a TSH of 15.something. Negative on antibodies test so hypo it would seem.

It's the early part of the journey. It's especially hard for me to acknowledge that my thyroid is under par as my body has been trusty and often works like clockwork . I wasn't really expecting those results!!

I'm slowly increasing the med and have been on it for just 3 weeks. I think my pulse and temperatures have started to improve. It's tricky as I'm a runner and that may account for lower pulses. I also tried to impact it by taking a holistic approach ( which I still do) and thought I could control it that way but that was quite tiring.

I have a 5 year old daughter - had a great pregnancy and home birth with her and thought we would conceive equally as quickly so all these discoveries have surprised me. I guess I thought I was invincible. I'm not giving up on the idea of having another child just yet though!!

Time will tell.................


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