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Saliva Cortisol Test Results

Just received my latest saliva cortisol test results. Time of test ranges were 7-9am / 11am-1pm / 3-5pm / 10pm-midnight. I tried to do the test about the same time as the March one

7th July

Sample 1/ 9am 49.26 (7.45-32.56) HIGH

Sample 2/ 1.30pm 12.46 (2.76-11.31) HIGH

Sample 3/ 5.15pm 13.01 (1.38-7.45) HIGH

Sample 4/ 11pm 6.63 (0.83-3.86) HIGH

Sum of Cortisol 81.4


DHEA Cortisol Ratio NR (0.015-0.150)

DHEA Sample 1 (am) 3.47 (0.25-2.22)

DHEA Sample 3 (pm) 0.58 (0.25-2.22)

March Results

Sample 1/ 9am 82.43 (7.45-32.56) HIGH

Sample 2/ 1.30pm 22.03 (2.76-11.31) HIGH

Sample 3/ 5.15pm 10.24 (1.38-7.45) HIGH

Sample 4/ 11pm 3.13 (0.83-3.86 NORMAL

Sum of Cortisol 117.8

DHEA Mean 1.64

DHEA Cortisol Ratio 0.033 (0.015-0.150)

DHEA Sample 1 (am) 2.73 (0.25-2.22)

DHEA Sample 3 (pm) 0.55 (0.25-2.22)

The test report explains about DHEA but I don't understand what my results mean or what I should be doing to correct them. Can someone please tell me what they say?

Funny thing is that on the day of the test I felt quite good, but back to feeling crap the day after. Whether that reflects in the results I don't know

I have felt my levels creep up in the evening as I would normally have severe anxiety from waking up until the afternoon when the symptoms subside to almost disappearing in the evenings, but the last few days I have felt a little anxious/nauseous in the evenings which might explain

Delighted that my waking one has come down dramatically but then again I can't say that the results are totally accurate as I am a smoker although I didn't eat or smoke 1 hour before the test as stated and I was only up and about for about 3/4hr before the first sample was taken instead of the full hr that was required. Mornings are always so bad for me

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Hi Jefner

Sorry i cant offer any advice for high cortisol but if you type "high cortisol" in the search engine on this site you will got loads of information im sure. Kind wishes.


thanks hon, I know a lot already


Sorry Jeffner, i have misread your post, it is the DHEA you are asking about i think! i know diddly about this and having a quick poke on the internet there isnt much information on there either. Im hoping someone will be along soon to help you.

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