It wasn't Cellulitis but Gout, who else has this?

Update on foot gate…Cellulitis it was not.

Day 10 of double strength antibiotics not touching the infection I decided to go back to the G.P. Surgery to get another opinion, the antibiotics were really getting to me, making me feel ill/low mood and antagonising my hernia. Yesterday another G.P. diagnosed gout. In other words I have taken 10 days of heavy duty antibiotics that have made me ill, and done damage to my guts all for nothing. The gout result made sense (the Cellulitis diagnosis never did). I was warned many moons ago by an Iridologist that I was prone to gout.

I am now in receipt of 2 new medications one an anti-inflammatory, and the other PPI, neither of which I am going to take. The anti-inflammatory will get rid of the problem (hopefully), but cause my guts more problems and the other one the PPI will inhibit my B12, and cause other issues which I am not prepared to risk. I am going to cut out the foods that cause the problems, just lately I have eaten a lot of anchovies/red meat, due to the Hemsley Hemsley recipe for slow cooked lamb stuffed with anchovies, I love anchovies, put them on my home-made pizzas, adore shell-fish which of course high in purines = gout. So I am having to overhaul everything. To celebrate last night that I didn’t have Cellulitis and no more antibiotics, I downed a scrumptious glass of red (not allowed), chicken livers (not allowed), and a bag of liquorice all sorts (not allowed). Today I start afresh - Phew! I feel better knowing, and knowing it makes sense that it was not Cellulitis diagnosed x 2 by different G.P.'s

Seems it is quite a common problem with thyroid people, anyone else here got it?

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  • Margo,

    Gout ! .. I wonder why ? .. Maybe to do with a reduced GFR (glomerular filter rate) induced when thyroid hormones are low. I seem to remember you posted about raised creatinine levels. Perhaps others will comment ..

    I least you will be able to eat the Manuka now... lol ... but shame about the seafood. I love seafood too. I've just eaten (or melted in my mouth) a rare packet of Cadburys Dairy Milk Freddo Frog Faces ....ooh I love 'em & the bag is so small, one could almost say they don't count ! .

    Cucurmin and fish oils are great for reducing inflammation. I read Bromelain is good but haven't tried it myself.

    Hope the foot feels better soon.

  • Thanks Radd for reminding me regarding reduced GFR mine is >60 and the connection with low thyroid.

    Shameful really my love of seafood being a Cancerian, and eating my own!!

    I put cucurmin on everything I cook, I take fish oils, and have just read about bromelain so off to buy a pineapple.

    Feeling better already, just knowing it wasn't cellulitis, at least gout I can do something about. Funnily enough must be mind over matter the foot doesn't appear too bad today. It needs to be in good nick will be plodding around London tomorrow going to see the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy - can't wait!

    Our guilty pleasures eh! I think now and then we just have to, life is short and sometimes tricky, what could be nicer than slipping something nice in to the pie'ole!!

  • So this pineapple Margo .... are you gonna eat it or strap it to your foot ? ? ... ;o)) ..

  • Like it Radd!!! Foot of course!

  • If you google - gout and low thyroid PubMed - I think you will come up with some surprising results. I did it recently for some of the young ?? men in our community :-)

  • Thanks Marz, will do.

  • Cherries... fresh, frozen or canned (no sugar is best), tart cherry juice or cherry extract caps from a vitamin shop, supposed to help relieve gout in short order and 1/2 cup of cherries each day will keep gout at bay. Do your own research.... google .... cherries gout and see what you find. I think bromelian/pineapple is also supposed to help uric acid levels.

    Edit: ps... I would also be consuming probiotics like crazy to help offset flora/fauna gut damage from antibiotics. :)

  • Great minds ... ;)

  • Thank you phoenix23002 for your information. I love cherries, so no hardship to consume plenty. I think I got in a muddle with the pineapple when I thought I had Cellulitis, anyhow a bit of pineapple in the mix will be nice!!

    While taking 10 days of double strength antibiotics I was knocking back plenty of kefir and fermented vegetables to lessen the damage.

    I think I may now need to consider upping my dose of Naturethroid by 1/4 of a grain, seems there is a connection with low thyroid and gout.

  • Hi Margo, Montmorency cherries are supposed to be good for gout and they're available here as Cherry Active. My nutritionist first recommended the liquid to me for general inflammation and it definitely helped and I then recommended it to my cousin who has gout. If you wanted to try it you can get it in places like H&B. Here's the article I sent my cousin about it, although I've also read a criticism of it, in that the study wasn't comprehensive enough! If you get any it must be kept refrigerated. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the info' Framboise I have heard about Montmorency cherries being affective for gout, I shall definitely give it a go.

  • Hi Margo - pleased to hear it wasn't cellulitis . Golly gosh - poor you ...2 lots of antibiotics for gout ! ! The wonders of modern medicine and poor diagnosticians ! Hope you enjoyed every one of your liquorice all sorts - well earnt. Afraid I don't know anything about gout but hope you recover from it very soon. ☺☺☺

  • Thank you for your lovely message bernie51 the problems I am having now is I am craving liquorice all sorts every night, which is not good. However, I feel better even though I am not mended but somehow I preferred the diagnosis of gout to cellulitis however bonkers that is.

  • Just a bit off topic....I remember my liquorice craving very was when I was pregnant !!!!!! My iron count was that high the hospital used to say I must be expecting a robot. 😃

    Get better soon.

  • Wow that's interesting bernie51! No chance of a pregnancy at my age......

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