Sat in A & E last night and had a diagnosis for my poor painful red swollen foot. Cellulitis. I said to the doctor "isn't that what old ladies get?" he gave me a knowing smile. Oh dear! I am not that old am mortified! Don't know how it happened, no cuts/sores/abrasions/insect bites.

Getting my thyroid bloods done this week, hoping that might tell me something.

Has anyone else had this?

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  • Hi Margo.....oh dear you poor thing. I have never had it..... but my hubby has. He got it in his head - we couldn't work out why his head was distorted ! ( he looked like an upside down butternut squash ! ) The doctor said he must have got it gardening. He was given antibiotics and his head went back to normal ! Have you been given antibiotics too ? Hope you be feeling better soon.

  • Yes on day 5 of the antibiotics that don't appear to have touched the problem. I start another 7 day course when I finish this lot on Thursday. Antibiotics making me feel very rough.

    Your poor husband, his head, that sounds rough.

  • Oh dear - I hope the antibiotics kick in and you recover asap. My husband just had one course of antibiotics - and they cleared it. Strange thing was my husband didn't even realise there was something wrong with him. We all just noticed his head. Get better soon.

  • Glad your husband got sorted after one course of tablets bernie51. Must have been strange for him having a peculiar head!!

  • Hi Margo...just checking in to see how you are doing. I hope you are beginning to feel better.? It is clearly a nasty infection. My cousin has since told me she got it whilst on holiday in Austrailia . She was given oral antibiotics but the doctors drew around the redness and said if the redness spread any further she would need IV antibiotics. So I really hope you are recovering. Take care.

  • That's kind of you bernie51. I started my next course of antibiotics double the dose of the last lot today so feeling pretty rubbish, so very very tired. Nothing has changed, the swelling hasn't got any better, but it isn't worse either, so just keeping my fingers crossed. I am hearing now of so many people who have had the same and had to have IV antibiotics, hope it doesn't come to that. Thanks again.

  • Be very, very, VERY careful with cellulitis. It can be a trigger for developing sepsis. So if you don't think the cellulitis has gone don't let your doctor off the hook until you are absolutely sure it has been eradicated completely.


    A couple of years ago my mother had persistent cellulitis which developed into sepsis. It didn't kill her but it came very close, and she was never as strong either physically or mentally after she recovered.

  • Thank you humanbean and the link, I start the second course of antibiotics on Friday and hope it makes a difference as right now, everything seems worse. But I am on red alert and have a good doctor's surgery, I am sure they will take care of it.

  • When I was 34 I went for a walk wearing sandals. I had the worst hangover flu symptoms the next day. Could not lift my head. Day 2 red rash. As day developed blisters appeared. I asked for my sister to visit as I was unwell. My brother in law came said taking you to hospital. I would not go but was hallucinating GP came to visit given antibiotic. Next day blister size of orange red leg tracking up leg. Next day sent to a and e , admitted blister size grapefruit. I had necrotising cellulitis . Intravenous fluxclocillin . When blister burst it was identified as streptococcus . No open wounds. Strep is everywhere. Possible port of entry soft skin between toes. No reason why me.

    They did discuss amputation as disease still tracking. Then healing was not happening. I asked for them to soak my leg in potassium permanganate and that in my opinion changed my future.

    I have had to wear surgical stockings for 20 years. Get cramps in scar tissue still . I have to try to keep my legs up to stop them swelling. Everyone Needs to look out for feet. The pain is atrocious and I feel for a lot of peopl who suffer with the ulcerated skin.

    When I was in hospital there was a very slim girl of 19 with cellulitis. It is not just the elderly. It can be a disease of the mouth. So it is worth getting mouth checked by dentist too.

    Before it went necrotising I had had really bad reactions to insect bites. One A and e thought I had acid burns. Then few years later got necrotising cellulitis. Do not treat it lightly .

    If you can I would soak leg in salt water . Old fashioned remedies work.

    I hope you have recovered.

  • No nowhere near recovery q_62 but thank you for you mail. Just hoping the next lot of antibiotics make a difference. I am typing this with Manuka honey over the infected area, recommended by Radd, hoping it makes a difference. Thanks for your input

  • Oh Margo. You poor thing.

    I don't know much about all the serious stuff discussed above so my suggestion may be inappropriate but when my Gran had Cellulitis on her leg that wouldn't clear with antibiotics, we used manuka honey and it worked ! ! .

    Just spread it over the infected area when watching telly (or whatever) and leave as long as poss. I also used it on my beloved old dog who developed an ulcer in her old age and in between her licking it off, it healed the ulcer quickly.

    Sauvignon Blanc (unfortunately) isn't a cure whether drunk or spread liberally (lol ), may impair action of antibiotics and will further wreck your guts as the antibiotics may be doing anyway ! ! . Sending you ((hugs)).

  • I am sitting here typing a reply to you Radd with my foot smothered with Manuka honey, it's worth a try, so thank you for the tip.

    Feeling SO fed up, astonishing just how painful it is, so a very large glass of the white floral tasting nectar stuff would go down a treat, but I shan't, and am trying very hard to be saintly in all I eat and drink.

    Will report back as and when

  • Oh dear, thats not good at all, hope the antibiotics kick in and you start to feel better soon.

  • Thank you Bev.

  • Sorry to hear about your cellulitis, it doesn't matter what age you are, it can strike anyone. My husband had it after an insect bite, and his hand was so swollen, he couldn't move his fingers. They gave him two antibiotics to take together, and that sorted it out. Do hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks for your reply MariLiz just wondering why the doctor has given me the same antibiotic when this course ends tomorrow when it is having no affect. Think I might ring the surgery tomorrow and query this. Did your husband have one course of the two together?

  • I had cellulitis after a puncture wound on my finger 20 years ago and was given Intravenous level 3 antibiotics for 14 days.. Please have a second options opinion and once it's cleared take probiotics

  • Thank you Karen1963, sorry to hear your story, seems to be a lot of it around, hope you are fully recovered from 20 years ago.

    I am on the case, rang my G.P. Surgery this morning and have another appointment on Monday which will be day 11 of antibiotics to see if it has made a difference. I am taking kefir and fermented cabbage alongside the antibiotics in the hope it isn't going to do me too much damage.

  • Just to say was an amazing site this is, full of kind knowledgeable people, it's grim feeling rotten, and such a comfort when people offer their experiences and wisdom. I don't feel so alone now, thank you all again.

  • We are thinking of you Margo.

    Hope the foot shows some improvement.

  • On my second dose of double strength antibiotics today radd, nothing better, but nothing worse. Just hope this lot does the trick. Still using the Manuka honey, got a bit messy at first, until I head a brain-wave and wrapped my foot up with cling-film and then with a bandage so I can wear shoes and hobble out/not mess up the bed-clothes.

  • Thank you all for your support and advice, seems I don't have Cellulitis after all. I am making another blog titled " Gout who else has this?"

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