Will doxycycline hyclate 100mg get rid of a salivary gland stone?

I've had this for about a month now, and the doctor prescribed me amoxicillin and it didn't work. He said that this doxycycline hyclate has an anti-inflammatory in it plus antibiotics and it will... But I'm skeptical of it after the amoxicillin so I want to see if I'm taking this for nothing again or not. Please help?

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  • Doxycycline hyclate is a tetracycline antibiotic. Can't find any mention of it being anti-inflammatory as well but if your GP thinks there is infection present (why prescribe an antibiotic if not?) then treating the infection could reduce inflammation caused by the infection. Wonder if that is your GP's reasoning?

  • I'm sorry I cannot answer your question but you should leave at least four hours between levo and antibiotics as they may interact:-


  • Hi, have you thought of consulting a dentist. They also deal with salivary stones and at least you will be getting a second opinion. Good luck. Holly

  • Is he planning to remove the stone? There's a nice Youtube video of one being removed. It doesn't look painful. I think the stones are made up of a calcium deposit, so I can't quite see why your doctor is using antibiotics, although they probably look like an abscess at first glance.

  • My daughter had one and was told she'd need surgery. So I took her to a homeopath who prescribed Silica

    and it dropped out after 2 weeks.

  • I had a salivary gland stone removed yesterday. I noticed this a few months ago and my GP advised me to return to her if it didn't go on it's own. It didn't go, and she referred me to a specialist who quickly diagnosed this and arranged for it to be removed. This was done under a local anasthetic and was pretty painless although of course not pleasant. Although they sometimes clear on their own, I think the majority of them have to be removed. I understand they can actually damage the salivary gland itself over time so removal is the best option. I don't think I will be eating any curry over the next couple of days, but otherwise I have been eating and drinking as normal.

  • I had the same problem. Went to "WORK IN" and the doctor adviced sour lollipops. Works like a magic.

  • I had a salivary stone removed at Hospital early last year and almost did not know they were removing it there and then - so gentle. My Dentist had said the day before that he could do it, but I already had the appointment at hospital so did not want to tread on any toes. Was amazed at the size, as big as a Vit B tablet. Maxillo-Facial Department is the best department at our local Hospital. Janet.

  • I had a saliva gland abcess which was treated with antibiotics and some while later a blocked saliva gland. I passed on surgery, being a coward, and GP suggested gargling with PLJ concentrate in water which stimulated saliva so I could eat. The stone disappeared eventually.

  • hi painful isn't it, sour sweets help and if you look on the net to see where the gland is you can manover it down the tube

    beginning to wonder is this another thyroid condition never had it happen before being hypo


  • Yes it is;


    Salivary Gland Disorders

    Other causes of sialadenosis include:11

    Diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism.

  • Isn't it all part of the Gall-Bladder, Kidney stone problem with Thyroid patients?

  • Janet, my saliva gland problems were 20 years before I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and thyCa.

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