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Unexpected side effects

After my very good GP and I struggled to get me well on T4 and then adding T3, I finally decided to try NDT. The GP fully supported this and was interested in the outcomes which have been very good. The side effect? Going to see another GP in the practice with an eye infection (rubbing my eye with hay fever!) and then another one with an ear infection (I generally get one a year and have done for years), and both of these GPs spotted I was taking NDT in my notes. They of course had not heard of it, and were happy to blame the infections on this unknown! They were reluctant to treat me for very simple infections until I went back to T4! I refused and dug my heels in and got treatment, but I was not expecting this!

They have to be in control, dont they? The fact I had stopped going back and forth to the practice and weeping all over them was ignored! Hey ho!

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False statements have been made about NDT, which has been in use since 1892 but the pharma companies were very good in their persuasion that levo was the perfect replacement so NDT is known as a 'grandfathered' medication and has had an excellent record of safety. Also Endos worldwide prescribe levo alone nowadays and some who gave NDT to their patients have been struck off.

I am glad you are doing well on NDT and that your doctor is happy with the result.

Considering that the medical profession as a whole are very badly trained in clinical symptoms and are willing to prescribe something other than a thyroid hormone for the symptom we may not get as well as we should.

This is an extract from a Pulse online article on treatment of thyroid gland dysfunctions:-

There is no place for the use of animal thyroid extract in the treatment of hypothyroidism. Although preparations contain both thyroxine and tri-iodothyronine, the hormone content varies between batches.

But the following is the Truth:


You hit nail on the head ....the fact you stopped your back and forth with other nonsense symptoms does not enter their heads

Once NDT really restores your system infdctions should be fewer


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