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Case Study Needed for TV news programme - Midlands area

Case Study Needed for TV news programme - Midlands area

I have been approached by a TV news programme to find a case study of either someone who doesn't do well on levothyroxine, has asked for T3 and been refused OR someone who didn't do well on levothyroxine, went onto T3 and felt better but then had their T3 taken away from them.

The case study would need to have a visit from the TV programme to film them.

They need to live in one of the following areas:





Some areas of Linconshire.

If we could get a case study, this will be an excellent opportunity to spread the word about what is happening. He may also mention NDT too. Please help with this! Lyn

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I just want to say: PLEASE, PLEASE can somebody volunteer to do this??? I know it's a bit scary but we need to let the world know what's happening (rather than suffer and slowly die in silence).

I cannot do it as I'm currently on ndt and live in South West.

Thank you!

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