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Dr Kevin Shotliff or Dr. Bernard Willis

Hi everyone, in my pursuit to find out what is going on with my mild hypo symptoms (doctors won't refer me to an endo as I'm subclinical/ some say I don't have it) I have booked two private appointments in a couple weeks time. One with Dr Kevin Shotliff and one with Dr. Bernard Willis. I'm swaying towards Dr. Willis after seeing some YouTube vids he posted. Can anyone advise on these doctors via a private message?

My main symptoms are fatigue, ibs and extremely heavy periods. In October 2015 with a tsh of 5.21 my hair was falling out however it stopped in November 2015.

October 2015 tsh 5.21

December 2015 tsh 4.01, antibodies detected 181 (range 0.00 - 150) t4 14.1

Please note that I took both of those blood tests in the afternoon after eating etc

May 2016 tsh 3.91, antibodies 152 (range 0.00 a 150) t4 not tested

Went for the above blood test early at 8.30 am and didn't eat that morning only water

Serum folate 6 (range 3.10 -20.50)

Vit b12 326 (187.00-883.00)

My vitamin d was low at 25

Doctor prescribed 40,000 vit d3 daily for 1 week and 2 a month maintenance

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Have you got any blood result readings you can put on here for someone to advise?


Everything is updated above :)


What was your ferritin result?

Did your doctor give you the standard advice about vitamin D? They are suppose to tell you after the 2 month maintenance you need to supplement daily for the rest of your life. They should have shoved a leaflet at you which is either from your local healthboard/NHS trust or copied from one of the patient websites.

You do need to retest yourself for vitamin D in October. The NHS won't do this because your result was insufficient. So use City Assays the link is thyroid UK website.

In regards to the folate and B12 you need to supplement them.

Folate a vitamin B complex should be sufficient.

B12 take methylcobalamin e.g. Jarrows, Solgar which you can get from Amazon

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Hi bluebug thanks for your response. The gp did not inform me of this at all! My prescription covers the next 12 months however (20,000 twice a month).

I ordered folate from the solgar brand and have started to take this. I wasn't sure about b12 because I've read things on here that say you should take alongside other vitamins. Will look into this.

My blood results are at home so will update the ferritin level later.


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