Anyone tried WP of the NDT thyroid med before? How did you feel while on it did it work? Any side effect?

Hello everyone! Long story short, my thyroid level changed after giving birth to my son since beginning of last year. Ever since it was never stable with Syndroid which I took for over 5 years since the birth of my first girl. I lately tried Naturethroid didn't work. Then read up Westhroid pure saw the best comments with fewest ingredients so gave it a try but at dr office I asked for Westhroid 65 mcg only (thought they all the same...didn't realize their are up to 3 different names) used it for over a week...back fire...same terrible feeling like when I was on naturethroid, too weak...heart rate super low. Then realized that I should have asked for WP instead. I am running some deadline to meet for my work so I really need to have my energy back. Please help me with any suggestion on this new med WP. I really appreciate it!

Thanks everyone!

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  • When you say it didn't work, how long did you try it for and how high did you raise the dose?

  • The naturethroid I didn't raise it that high yet only at 32 for a month. But I knew it not working because I felt it didn't improve anything with extreme fatigue. Same thing with Westhroid at 65....I knew I couldn't raise anymore doses because I once did and I got a drug reaction really bad. I was helpless with the 2 so I tried to find the way out

  • Have you had a cortisol test done?

  • Soon in a few months I will have cortisol test done. Didn't know about it till a few months earlier. I already had iron and thyroid antibody test done though. Everything was good.

  • Have you posted test results on here for advise? Just thinking it might be a good idea to start a new post with results and see if anyone can offer any suggestions? I just can't see that it would be the brand that's causing you problems.

  • Thanks, I'll do so later. I am trying out WP for the first time today and I know it also has a lot to do with how we take the med. I think I should just stick to the old way or swallow the whole pill stead of breaking it up in half and chew it. Also I have GI issues so I usually drink some green drinks for helping it but soon after taking the pill so not sure if the iron in the drink causes any affect to it :-(

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