Does anyone have any advice/information about how I could discover the reason for my intolerance to all the thyroid meds I have tried?

I am currenlty taking just 1/4 grain of Armour but even that has to be split into 2 separate doses. Would it even be any benefit to find out what causes my resistance? When i asked the endo whom I consulted privately, I was told that there are many complex reasons for it. My last blood test results showed a TSH of 8.5 which my GP has just left me with, saying that I should try and increase the amount I take gradually to see if I can manage any more and go back to him if I need to!! Strangely, even with this small dose, I actually feel better and do not fall asleep at the drop of a hat! A fellow sufferer on here has said that slow release T3 could be the answer but apparently it is not available here. Would taking tiny amounts at regular intervals during the day work on the same principle I wonder? It is actually unbelievable that we are left to try and work this through for ourselves, though after some 6 years since my body decided it did not like thyroxine, I can't say that all my efforts have done me much good! Oh dear, on reading that over, I do sound rather sorry for myself! Love to all Flo xxx

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Hi Glo. My body don't like thyroxine either Lol , not much fussed on liothinine by the look of it either !. This has taken 20+ yrs of my life so I'm going to give Armour a go , do u see any difference ?

Yes but I have to take it very slowly. Tried it a couple of years ago and had a severe reaction so had to stop but I now know that my body can only take anything in very small doses and increase really gradually. In my experience too much too quickly seems to set off a reaction so perhaps it is worth remembering that if you start to take it!

Flo, if you're tolerating 1/4 grain in 2 doses increase to 3/8 grain in 3 doses but cut back immediately if you have any adverse reactions. As your system adapts to hormone replacement you may eventually be able to tolerate higher doses split 2/3 times daily.

Another poster, Kitten-Whiskers was unable to tolerate T4, T3 and Westhroid (hypoallergenic NDT) but is tolerating low dose liquid thyroxine.

What brand is the low dose liquid thyroxine? And, is it available online or by phone from a supplier?

Liquid levothyroxine information on TUK medicines page:

Available with prescription from any UK pharmacy.



Londinium, I don't know whether it is available without prescription. Check the links I sent you a couple of days ago.


When I eventually/finally find a helpful, considerate, intelligent GP (are there any out there?) I shall perhaps request a referral to my (at least) 4th hospital endo clinic and see how that goes.

Otherwise, I shall have to wing it.

These inept clinicians have misdiagnosed me for more than two decades, so there's not much likelihood of me doing much worse than them. And they cannot accuse me of causing osteoporosis - via their continued misdiagnosis, and failure to diagnose me correctly, they have already done that.

What a bunch of tossers. :(

Hi Flo, I also could not raise my dose of Armour and both my FT4 and FT3 were at the very bottom of range. It may be your adrenals not allowing access to T3 receptors. As your Endo said, it can be complicated. Some experts suggest you stop any kind of thyroid hormone and just work on adrenal function first. Personally I went to T3 only which is easier on the system. Others have found progesterone helpful or pregnenalone but it would be nice if our doctors could actually figure it out for us. I guess that just isn't possible. But this type of doctor possibly could.

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