NDT - Here goes.....how long did it take you before you felt better?

Started on Sunday, took the plunge after contemplating for about three years, felt really apprehensive stopping Levo then doing a complete swap (as per sttm guidelines). I took 0.5 grain in the am on rising, (took after breakfast sttm says OK with food) then 0.5 grain mid afternoon, first day OK, second day chest pains (not palps) so the following days I have taken 0.5 then 0.25. My dose on Levo was 75mg not that that should have any bearing on it. I am waiting for it to make a difference, how was it for you all?

Thanks in advance x

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Do you think I should take 0.5 grain per day or am I doing the right thing?

I felt better within days.

ndt flared up my hashimotos and made me really ill, with heart racing, sweating etc..on only 1 grain.

Everyone is different but my changes were almost immediate - fibromyalgia -like muscles practically knotless, walked upstairs without puffing, soles of feet felt padded again so pain in walking disappeared, bursitis in hips much better. I've been taking for almost 18 months and have forgotten already what it felt like struggling on Levo !

Which NDT do you use and when and how much do you dose? Sounds like a miracle drug for you, glad it's been so good!!

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