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Dental treatment

I have the dentist on Monday and he does not take any notice of my having a thyroid problem. I have to remind him each time not to include any adrenalin in the local, and each time he signs and rolls his eyes. Anyway, I was having a bit of an internet search and came across this which may be useful for those of us who cannot get the dose spot on - this could be a reason!

Many people are not aware that in the first half of the 20th century, fluoride was used medically as an anti-thyroid drug, to slow down thyroid function in patients with an overactive - hyperthyroid - gland. Fluoride was found to be effective at suppressing or reducing thyroid function, according to research, and the dose needed to reduce thyroid function was low -- 2 to 5 mg per day over a period of months. Some scientists estimate that people today who are living in communities with fluoridated water supplies have a range of exposure of 1.6 to 6.6 mg/day.

So I checked my toothpaste and it has flouride, as do most of them. I have no idea how much could be absorbed in the mouth, but I just thought it was interesting and maybe of help to someone here.

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Most tap water in the UK contains fluoride. Clemmie


I don't think that is true. Only a few water companies in England add fluoride to their water supplies. Both Scotland and Northern Ireland are completely free of added fluoride. I don't know about Wales.

Luckily for me my water company doesn't add fluoride.

I always buy non-fluoride toothpaste. You can get it from Boots, Waitrose, and Holland & Barrett that I know of. I've never found it in Tesco. I don't know about other supermarkets.


I found AloeDent fluoride free sensitive toothpaste at my local chemist and am very pleased with it. I noticed that I don't get as much tartar build up between the teeth.

There are a number of fluoride free pastes.

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This is over a year old so maybe you're right humanbean. I was mistaken when I said most tap water contains fluoride, but certainly, a lot of it does, whether added or naturally occurring.


Tap water does contain chlorine though, which is also thyroid blocking:

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Hi serenfach. Just read your post and am interested to know why we should't have adrenalin in local jab at dentist ? I HATE going to dentists.....become a gibbering wreck. I have an appointment this coming Wednesday - yuk !!!


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