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Introducing T3

I've ordered t3 which will hopefully arrive later this week but just looking for a bit of guidance on dosage and times.

I'm on 50mg of levo which i take in the morning. My latest results are

TSH 3.4 (0.35 - 5.0)

T4 11.1 (9.0 -19.0)

T3 3.4 (2.9 -6.1)

Replies from my post a couple of days ago indicate I probably need to get to around 100-125mg.

I know from the forum its best to introduce gradually so im thinking 12.5 mg initially.

Should i take that at the same time as my levo or is it best to space them out?

Also, i presume the same rules apply in regards waiting before food and taking well away from vitamins etc?



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I would start lower, 6.25mcg for a week or two to see how you tolerate T3. You can take it with your Levothyroxine. If you need to increase dose you can take the second dose at bedtime. If it disrupts sleep you should take it during the evening or late afternoon. All thyroid meds should be taken away from food and supplements etc.


Thats great clutter, thanks for the good advice as always.

Take care :-)


Hello I have just received my T3 25mg. I take my thyroxine at night 50mg as I find it better am I wrong to take it at night? I have just started the T 3 yesterday 1x 25g tablet which I take 1 hour after my HRT tablet any suggestions greatly appreciated whether I should take the t4 and t 3 at the same time


Sorry I take the T3 in the morning


Hi MIckeyrow , it's whatever suits you. people take them together for convenience, some people sleep better/worse when they take T3 at night. You just have to see what suits really as we are all different :)



25mcg T3 is equivalent to 75mcg Levothyroxine. I think you will become very overmedicated on 25mcg.

You can take T4 and T3 together. It would be better to allow at least 4 hours between HRT and T3.

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