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New Bloods

Thyroid FunctionTHYROID STIMULATING HORMONE 3.24 mIU/L 0.270 -4.200

FREE THYROXINE 13.89 pmol/L 12.000 -22.000

FREE T3 3.59 pmol/L 3.100 -6.800

My last bloods a month ago where

TSH 2.83 0.27 - 4.20 IU/L

Free T4 15.12 12 - 22 pmol/L

Free T3 4.15 3.1 - 6.8 pmol/L

I had a partial thyroid removal in october last year, I am on no treatment , I have bought thiroyd and am now thinking of starting it, or do you think I should go and see the doctor with these results which I think will be a waste of time as they are all in range even tho I have now put on over 2 stone and feel really ill, don't want to wait any longer and feel worse and worse , I am pretty sure now my half of thyroid isn't working properly Thanx Tracy

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tracybet Are the first set of results in your post the latest ones?

If so you have nothing to lose by discussing these results with your GP. Compare both sets of results, pointing out that TSH has risen and your FT and FT3 have both decreased which, along with your symptoms, shows that what remains of your thyroid is beginning to struggle.

You would be better off trialling Levothyroxine if you can. In the long run, if they work for you, then your treatment is cost free and you won't have the hassle of sourcing your own meds and risk not having your doctor on side and having nothing more to do with your thyroid health so you would then probably have to do all your own private blood tests in the future. Levo works very well for a big majority of hypo patient's so it's worth seeing if it works for you. If not then you could consider the NDT route.


Hi SeasideSusie yes the first lot are what I have just had done, the second lot where done a month ago, both test I have had done privately, I just know they won't treat me last time I had bloods done at the doctors he said I will not get them done for a year.


tracybet Sometimes we have to be a bit cunning. If this was me (and I am not a very assertive person, and some doctors I can talk with better than others) then I would make an appointment, take both sets of results and say something along the lines of

"I know you said you would not repeat my tests for a year but I have been feeling so unwell that I have had to take matters into my own hands to try and understand why I feel so bad, so I have had some private blood tests done and these are the results".

If your GP won't take any notice of the tests then say that they clearly show there is a problem and if they're not good enough for him will he please arrange to get them done through the surgery. Explain, like I said before, about the TSH increasing and the FT4 and FT3 decreasing, plus your symptoms, all show signs that what remains of your thyroid is beginning to struggle.

As you've had part of your thyroid removed then you've obviously seen an endocrinologist, so if your GP still won't do the tests then ask to be referred back to the endo. (If he wont do that then consider phoning the endo's secretary, explain and ask if she will ask the endo if he would be willing to see you).

And if all else fails, then announce to your GP that if he wont arrange for the tests then you will have no alternative but to self medicate and ask if he will be happy to continue monitoring you in that case with annual blood tests.


Hi SeasideSusie I have already taken a 1/4 tablet today x


tracybet I've just been thinking, something jogged my memory. I have read that if you have a thyroidectomy then you need both T4 and T3 replacement so you're not wrong in thinking about NDT. However, your current tests do show that their are signs of some conversion of T4 to T3 which may be enough for now as you still have part of your thyroid left. But as the remainder of your thyroid struggles and, eventually, may give up or need removal, then you probably would need full replacement of both hormones.

I think it needs some research, preferably something peer reviewed that your GP or endo would be happy to take note of.

To get you started here's something (it won't satisfy your doctor's unfortunately)

Did you have thyroid cancer? I remember my GP saying that the only time a TSH should be suppressed is if there was thyroid cancer (she was telling me I was over medicated because mine was suppressed and I was going to get osteoporosis and atrial fibrillation etc)


Hi No I was overactive and had a 4 cm lump which was affecting my swallowing, I was alergic to both carbimazole and PTU, so I was advised to have ria or surgery, so I opted for surgery the endo told me my other half would start working for both, at first I felt great but I think that was because I was still a little over active, but the last 3/4 month I have felt worse and worse, my bloods with the doctor in January where TSH 1.92 .. my FT4. 10.05 . so he signed me off and said I would get retested in a year, so because I have been feeling worse I have done the above bloods my self, I have already started taking the ndt, I have been advised to take a 1/4 a day for two week then add another 1/4 for another two week then retest and go from there, so if my bloods improve I know I am on the right path x


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