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I got my results from Blue Horizon - but no ranges!




FREE THYROXINE 24.6 pmol/l

FREE T3 4.5 pmol/L

I have sent them a message asking for the ranges. I know I did not pay the top-notch price but I would have thought the ranges would be included, I am quite disappointed.

Now, as you can see, my TSH is suppressed now, and I think my T4 is quite high, isn't it? But I'm not sure about the T3.

I am wondering if these results suggest that a trial with T3 would be appropriate? I'd really be interested in some feedback.

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Results are pretty meaningless without ranges - there has to be something wrong.

I'd give them a ring.



I've called and they will send me another email with the ranges.


Hi I have used them for years, they normally always send ranges. However, some one else had the same thing.

I know there is some one new there and I am sure this is the cause of the mistake. I would e mail Paul Harris, MD, very nice at Paul Harris ( paulharris@bluehorizo.mdicals)I think that is correct. or just e mail to the usual address, or phone and speak to Paul. Definitely is a mistake, I have just had a result but did notice it was some one efirst and then set out. They also are the same Lab as all the private hospitals use. I know it is a mistake,annoying. If mine come back today like that. I will sort it out myself. I hope that helps.



Hi Marram,

Please accept our apologies on this, the lab had not entered your DOB so therefore ranges were not given, and we had not spotted this. All sorted now though after giving them your DOB, please call for more information as I cannot give any more information via forum.

Always happy to help.


Blue Horizon Medicals.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your fast reply! I did phone up yesterday and I spoke to Lesley, so not sure if I need to phone again, or will they send me another email with the ranges?

This is all very new to me.



Do they post all their ranges on the website matched up with the blood tests they process?


No, the ranges are included when they send you the results in a PDF file.

The ranges are shown beside the result so you can see them easily. They also flag up if they are high or low.


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