Arm & shoulder pain

Hi all

I've recently been (self) dxd with Hasimotos & decided to take more care of me. I came off all tablets except levo & then started a gluten free diet 2 weeks ago along with taking supliments of B complex, magnesium citrate, b12, vit c, selenium, iron, vit D(prescribed as I have a deficiency) & k2. However I have been suffering with a pain in my arm & shoulder. The muscle in the top of my arm tightens, and the shoulder becomes painful & then my arm tingles. I also get pain along my collar bone. I've been to the doc & he says there is inflammation in the join above my shoulder, he pressed on the area & effectively demonstrated the pain! he's given me anti inflammatory tabs to see if it eases it, but if not then a steroid injection could be given. My question ( at last) is this I've heard turmeric is good for inflammation but have no clue how to take it. Any help appreciated as always you wonderful people.

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  • I use a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a cup of hot milk, I think it is called golden milk. I also use it in warm coconut oil when my mouth flares up and it does seem to help.


  • Thank you Lucycatnaps i will try in hot milk, sounds really nice. 🙂

  • Rennixon

    I'm attending a chiropractors at the moment for tendonitis, its helping but it's a slow process. I posted about it a couple of weeks ago. I'm also using magnesium spray & taking magnesium salt baths. Ice packs applied a few times a day can help with the Inflammation but make sure you place something, such as a tea towel between the ice pack & your skin. I was also recommended this to add to drinks.

  • Morning Rennixon,

    I get this and the I can highly recommend Magnesium Oil. I buy it from Amazon and it's on a good offer at the moment. It's called Better You and I sent for 3 bottles( free delivery if spending £20.00) ordered on Saturday, it was here on Sunday! It last for absolutely ages. I use it after my morning shower. Spray and rub into skin and it's like almost immediate relief. You can use it everywhere except your eyes. 3 bottles came to £23.13. Don't delay order today....I'm not on commission I promise lol. x

  • Doh! I have some & had forgotten I had it! I will use today. Hopefully that & the anti inflammatory tabs will work. I've had the pain for a while, but those lovely anti-depressants masked the pain... so glad I'm off those things.

  • Bless you.. dig it out and spray away you lovely person x

  • The oil worked for my wife' s cramps for a while but then her skin became extremely dry and had to stop its use.

  • I had a reaction to the one with lavender in, but am fine on the normal one. I use it in the mornings after shower. Of an evening I use zero base moisturiser on any dry skin and this balances it out. Zerobase is on prescription. maybe worth another try after getting skin back to normal?

  • Thanks for the tip Mango.

  • You are worth it x

  • Is the mag oil as effective as Epsom salts bath?

  • Hi, I have used Epsom salts as foot soak but not in the bath..I have a walk in shower. I prefer the spray (BetterYou) it is more convenient. You can use it before your bath or shower if you don't like the feel of it left on your skin. It is absorbed immediately. I love it and have bought it as gifts for people. There are 3 varieties Lavender/Original or Sensitive. I'm okay with the Original even though sensitive skinned. Look out for it in the penny sales Holland & Barrett and Amazon do deals at times. That is when I stock up.

  • Tried tumeric to no effect ,had injection just over a week ago. Certain arm movements led me to be in disabling pain for a minute or so,the other arm not as bad.Ultrasound confirmed inflammation in both shoulders. As i try to avoid the disabling movement and have not had one since the injection I can only say that there has been some improvement. Go back in three weeks and will have other arm injected.I admit it was a painful injection.

    If does not work have to consider keyhole surgery but risk of stiff shoulder.

    Consultant said no idea what causes the problem but those on this site have an idea.

    Tried physio,accupuncture and chiropractor to no effect except a much lighter wallet.

  • Treepie ouch, yes it was the injections I was trying to avoid, the thought makes my eyes water & im by no means needle shy. doctor seemed to know exactly what it was but didn't offer a why or wherefore. guess I'll have to hope it doesn't get any worse, at least it's not my wine drinking arm 🤗🍷

  • I have used curcumin to treat chronic bursitis for works. Curcumin is the anti-inflammatory derivative or extract of turmeric also thought to help in the prevention of cancer. I purchase from Amazon - best/most effective is the version compounded with bioperine. You would have to take a lot of plain turmeric to have any effect.

  • Thanks Tippet18, that's what I was looking for, I'll give it a go. 🙂

  • It might take a little while to build up a 'store' of curcumin, so bear with it...I hope it helps!

  • Will do & I hope so too!

  • Something like 'Deep Freeze' gel may help too. When my husband had a slipped disc and associated inflammation he was told you should always use cold not heat (growing up we always used heat packs!!) and it really helped him. The gel ice packs are also good as you can mould them to the shape of your body. Having said all that, in the end he had the steroid injection and that was what was worth gritting his teeth and bearing it ;-) x

  • Thanks NatChap I will give it a go, I've got one in the freezer( another thing I'd forgotten I had). Still not sure about the injection 😬

  • Give the other suggestions a go but don't put yourself through months of pain because you're worried about the's not worth it. You'll be fine :-)

  • Going to give everything a go. Went to pick up prescription today & threw it on floor in car, got home reached over to get it & twisted the bad arm so much it sent spasms up and down my arm & bought tears to my eyes. How ironic!!🙄

  • Ouch :-(

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