2nd Jab and downhearted

Well, I went had had my second jab which I am being given every 2 weeks for 4 and then 3 monthly... I got a different nurse, very young and as she started opening my file on the PC I said “you do realise that you are not injecting me enough”.. She said “well this is standard blar blar,” so I said “that if you go to the PAS website or even Google it you will see blood results, and also definitive tests are not how you deal with PA”... So she said “well he (GP) has ordered every other day injections for others, but he likes to see if your body accepts it by introducing you to it slowly”... To which I responded “so how many years based on my scheduled plan is this going to take, as I’m the wrong side of 50 to hang about” I then added “I am glad I am going to the Endo in July as I will take info along to show and ask she backs me up... I am the last person to want and waste time sitting for hours a week to be needled, I can promise you that”.. But I said “you are treating people wrongly and with my family history of PA and thyroid meds not responding and deficiencies I should be on a different plan than this. People are being forced to self inject, something I think is totally wrong for them to have to do, but I can see that sitting in a waiting room for of infectious people maybe the option I will take just the same!!” She was quite nice and said “Do bring in the stuff I am sure they will want to make you well”.. I had to smile as I have been on Thyroxine 7/8 years never seen a consultant until this year and I had to have a private test to reveal deficiencies, having given a sample for them/GP at the same time!!! I would never have had the jabs I do without having had that private test... Grrr and what’s worse I don’t really feel full of energy or that the jab has made any difference.. I am so fed up.. xx

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  • Are you taking a GOOD B Complex with the injections ? You have been given good information of the PAS forum - so print off the Guidelines and highlight the relevant bits as suggested .....

  • Hi, I'm taking B complex plus the Solgar 1.. Sub under tongue ones 👅

  • Quote - “Do bring in the stuff I am sure they will want to make you well”.

    I've been unwell all my life but I am so pleased that I have never had to compromise myself by talking such rubbish to another human being! I will say that some of the nurses that I have dealt with are far more critical of the system and doctors.

    You either need injections or you don't. If you do, then the standard procedure is loading injections every other day. I wish you luck, but you may find yourself following those of us who have taken matters into our own hands.

  • I hope your endo will be more helpful than mine over B12, he just dismissed it with a hand wave, as being nothing at all significant!

  • :((( x

  • Occasionally you get more out of one "private" consultation (I did) than out of months of NHS visits - I appreciate the cost is high but sometimes it is worth building up a medical savings fund.

  • Where do you go for that tho? What field do you mean too I guess... I wouldn't mind doing that as you do get treated better...

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