Nurse refused to do my B12 jab 2 weeks early

I had a loading dose of B12 and all was great for 6/7 weeks, I felt normal, had energy etc but after that time the good effects started to wear off, so knowing I was due mid November and the nurse had said that some people felt the need to have the next booster a little earlier, I've waited for a further 4 weeks throughout October gradually feeling worse and worse with less energy and more tired. I phoned the GP and made an appt. Got there and she said she wouldn't give me the jab. Boy was I annoyed. I noticed that when she was looking through her notes on the computer that the price of a B12 jab was listed and it was pence. I'd happily pay to have a B12 jab every 6 weeks or so. I can't manage on one every 12 weeks. I will probably be back to square one by the time I finally get the jab in 2 weeks. Anyway, I needed to offload. I'm feel helpless and livid, livid, livid at being at the mercy of someone else just so that I can feel normal and live a normal life.

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  • Yes, I agree, it is extremely annoying. I signed a Petition yesterday on this forum suggesting we can get over-the-counter B12.

    At our Conference last week Martyn Hooper of the PA Society said a patient went for her B12 injection and Nurse wouldn't do it as she was two days early!

    You can supplement with B12 methylcobalamin sublingual tablets or spray which should keep you topped up until you get your injection. You cannot overdose as excess is excreted. Martyn also said that our injections of B12, after around 24 hours, most has been excreted as body only takes what it needs.

  • HI Shaws - I signed the petition this morning. The sublingual tablets and drops don't make any difference to me. I took them for 3 years before being prescribed the injections and my levels still went down and down. I notice such a huge improvement in how I felt part way through my loading dose. I'm so disappointed to have to basically start again. I have 5 prescription ampules of B12 but don't know how to inject myself, otherwise I would do it today.

  • Just checking, were they methylcobalamin or cyanocobalamin? Just in case.

  • They are Biotics Research Corp hydroxocobalamin B12 - 2000. Is that any good?

  • I am sure it is o.k. but the best is if you get methylcobalamin. Hydroxocobalamin has to convert to methylcobalamin in your body. Being mindful I am not medically qualified. It is just what I've read.

  • Thank you so much for the link Shaws. It's absolutely worth giving it a try. I shall order some straight away.

    Have you used the patches at all?

    Many thanks

  • No, I haven't used patches. I have just looked at some reviews. Some said they didn't stick very well but I think that may have been due to the hot summer. Some liked them a lot.

    This is a review of a spray for Pure B12 methyl.

  • Thanks for the link. I am unable to order from them though. Is this because its from America. How would I go about getting round this. The spray Pure B12 really seems like the best thing for me to try between jabs.

  • I didn't realise it was the USA and this is the UK link. I hope it makes you feel better as for some people every 3 months is too long. When the injections were brought in it was every 4 weeks, then every 8 weeks and now 12 weeks. Who makes up these guidelines as some people obviously need it more frequently but they don't listen. It's not as if it is expensive.

  • Brilliant. Many many thanks Shaws. I have placed my order. Can't wait for arrival - isn't it ridiculous. I feel excited about feeling better again. Highlight of the weekend will be a B12 delivery!! Thank you so much for your help. The people who make the guidelines obviously don't have the condition. Takes someone with the same thing to really understand the problems faced. Thank goodness for this website. It has certainly transformed my life since being diagnosed with Hypo T.

    All the best.

  • This is a good book by Martyn Hooper who began the Pernicious Anaemia Society. If you want to order anything from Amazon at any time if you use the Affiliate Link (you just search Affiliate and Thyroiduk get a few pence. also have books to lend for the cost of postage.

  • This is from yesterday:

  • It would be in pence, it costs the NHS 87p per injection, plus the appointment with the nurse. Its absolutely scandalous that it kept at 3 monthly considering hydroxocobalmin has an in-body life of 28 days when given intra-muscularly!

    Unfortunately your nurse was probably right not to give you it as she is only allowed to give it as often as the doctor has prescribed it for. You will need to go and see the doctor and ask for it more regularly, or do what many others do and buy your own from abroad.

    (while you may not think its on prescription because its given at the surgery, it actually is)

  • Hi Susymac yes, I know it's on prescription as the GP printed one out for me. I went to the chemist and was given the drugs - apparently to give to the nurse to inject me, but she said they have their own supply and didn't use what I brought with me. I have 5 ampules of it but don't know how to self inject, otherwise I would.

  • Plenty of videos on YouTube :-) Also 47 pages on....

    Difficult to find but it is in there somewhere. I sometimes have mine done by the Pharmacist in a Pharmacy if my yoga/nurse pal is away :-) Pharmacists are trained to inject - well here in Crete they are. Such a lawless country - at least keeps us well :-)

  • I get my own amps and inject myself. When i read posts like this i am so glad i do. Nhs gp claims my symptoms are not recognised.......yet thousands of PA sufferers recognise they need more frequent shots!

  • You can inject sub cue with diabetic needles, it works as well. I do it into my hips, on the side. Do it where you have the most fat.

  • If you ever need to quickly get a spray then the Better You B12 Boost one is in Holland and Barrett so you could buy that one OTC in your local store. I use it and it makes a massive difference to me.

  • Hi Mabes - sounds like a good idea. I'd not thought about going to H&B but will go get some so I can start straight away, whilst waiting for my amazon delivery. Thanks for the info.

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