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Blood test results

Hi.looking for some advice on blood results. I am on 125 Levo at present. Called into Dr's due to abnormal result.

Serum inorganic phosphate 0.77 mmol/L (0.08-1.50 u)

Serum free T4 level 26 pmol/L (10-25 u)

Serum TSH level 0.20 mU/L (0.35-4.5 u)

Serum vitamin D level. 22nmol/l.

The dr has advised I reduce my Levo to 100mcg/125mcg alternate days. She was unable to suggest anything other than diet change for phosphate even though I eat a healthy diet and she did not even mention my vitamin D levels.

I feel so so tired all the time. I function, I work but believe me it is so difficult at times and just lately I'm starting to feel down.

Anyone else feeling like this? I'm in Scoland by the way.

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You need to supplement your vitamin D. You are severely deficient as your level is under 25nmol/L.

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Sorry I just had to check your figure again.

You can either go back to the doctor and ask her "where is the prescription for my vitamin D3 supplements?"

Or you can take 10,000IU per day of D3 for 12 weeks then cut down to 2,500IU. Then have a test at 6 months. You need to take a city Assays test and the aim is to get your level over 75nmol/L but preferably about 100.

Take the D3 with vitamin K2 and magnesiuandm citrate. The NHS know nothing about K2 and magnesium.

You can buy all the supplements from Amazon.

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Hi blue bug. Thank you for your advice. I contacted my Doctors surgery yesterday and the doctor on call... Not the one I originally saw.... Agreed that my vitamin D was very low and is going to put me on a 12 week course of prescribed vit D then look into giving me a management dose.

My concern is that I feel I need to see a dr who is specialised in thyroid as I am not 100% confident the GPs in my area ( very rural Scotland) are really open to treating me with anything other than the basic.

Do you think I have evidence with these bloods to ask to see a specialist Dr?


Make sure your prescription is a large enough dose - as per bluebug - and that it is vit D3, and not D2. As they often prescribe the wrong thing.

There was no need for her to reduce your Levo. In fact, she has no idea if it needs reducing without seeing your FT3. It could be that you need that FT4 slightly over range to get enough T3. If I were you, I would go back and tell her that you do not accept the reduction, and tell her why. I doubt she knows much about thyroid!


Convert your VitD result into ng/L and its 8.8 - so you can see from the chart in the above link how you are very LOW.

Good advice from bluebug ....

You do not need your dose reducing unless the FT3 is over range - which is the ACTIVE thyroid hormone. T4 is a storage hormone and does very little in the body - but should convert into the T3. I wonder if you are converting ? How are your levels of Ferritin - Folate - Iron - B12 ???

Low VitD will create the symptoms you have mentioned as with the Vitamins and Minerals I have mentioned above ....

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Note what Marz says about FT3 ,but the NHS does not routinely test it!

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Thank you for the replies. My FT3 was not tested I don't think. The tests I had were liver function test bone profile, serum lipids urea and electrolytes, thyroid function test, serum magnesium and vit D. The thyroid one was justT4 and TSH levels. I will phone my doctors now and ask why my vitamin D levels were not discussed.


They test all that useless stuff - absolutely no use testing serum magnesium - and yet they won't test the most important thing : FT3! It's just incredible.


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