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Recently swapped from levo to ndt

Hey everyone.

As the title says I recently swapped from levo to ndt.

I'm currently taking 4 grains per day, I upped to 4 grains from 3 1/2 because I started to get blurred/double vision again like I did on levo before I upped to 275mcg. I took the vision problems as a hypo sign and thats why I increased the ndt dosage.

I'm not sure when this new symptom started, it could have been coming on before I upped to 4 grains but I've noticed around the time I take my ndt in the morning (sublingually) I'm having a weird sensation in the skin on my legs and feet.

It's kind of like my skin gets really sensitive to the touch, it's not painful but slightly uncomfortable. It's kind of tingly if my skin brushes against anything.

I can't really pin point any other symptoms and my resting heart rate is still as low as usual while resting at around 60bpm

I take my ndt in 2 doses, 2 grains around waking time and then the other 2 around tea time.

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I used to get skin that was painful to touch before I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I wonder if it could be B12 deficiency as that is linked to nerve problems..have you had yours tested?



Thanks for the reply.

I did have my b12 tested a while ago and at the time it was in the normal range but not optimal so I began taking 1000mg B12 and B complex daily but over the last couple of weeks i've been forgetting to take it because I've been busy and then even more so this week with the kids off school

I also usually take 2000mg of vit c per day religiously because I used to take it with my levo at night to help with absorbtion but since switching to ndt subling (shouldn't be any absorbtion issues subling) I've been forgetting to take my vit c

Do you still think it could be b12 related with that info?

First thing I'm going to do anyway is take my b12&b complex now and get back to taking it every day just in case.


It might be worth a try..I'm no expert but it's definitely a possibility. i also used to get shooting pains through my hands and up my arms but that has all stopped now.


Ok cheers for the input.

It never crossed my mind it could be to do with the b12 till you made me think about it.

I'll get back to regular ways n see if anything changes.

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