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Just wondering if someone can help regarding the taking of the early morning dosing of levo and NDT, as I'm soon to start reducing levo and bring in the NDT ? I usually take my levo at 6.30am.- How long a gap should I leave before taking the NDT , and then of course having breakfast ? Or do I take the NDT after breakfast. Also I have just had my vitD results back which are :- 170 (50-150). I can see this is over range so do I need to stop this vitamin for a while and if so how long ?

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  • C7rol, you can reduce Levothyroxine by 37.5-50mcg and take half a grain (30mg) together at 6.30am. Wait 2 weeks and reduce Levothyroxine by 37.5mcg and increase NDT to 1 grain. The second NDT half grain dose can be taken 6-12 hours after the first. NDT should be taken an hour before/2 hours after food and drink.

  • Thanks for your prompt reply Clutter, but you very kindly gave me a program for the conversion from levo to NDT on the 13th of this month ( in 1/4 grain) increments! ( which was what I asked for as I'm very sensitive with meds). I was just concerned, as a friend ( who takes both thyroid meds), said not to take them both together, and that taking NDT with or near food isn't a problem ?

    Also Clutter, is it a problem to be over range with my vit D3 ?

  • Hi C70rol - Some people take NDT with food, some not and some take it sublingually under the tongue. The thing is to be consistent. I personally take it as described by Clutter as most of us eat different foods everyday and some foods may aid absorption and others inhibit/reduce absorption. Whatever you choose, stick to it.

  • Thank you EpicSwan that is so helpful ! I agree with you our bodies are so much more happy with consistency. So I'm definately taking that on board.

  • C70rol, I can't agree with your friend. Thyroxine is in Levothyroxine and NDT, there's no reason to take them seperately. Thyroxine and T3 bind with proteins in food and drink so absorption is reduced. Coffee can reduce absorption by 40%.

    VitD is replete 75-200 and potentially toxic >250. Stop supplementing vitD for a few weeks. Levels roughly halve after 60 days so you can resume 2,500iu-3,000iu daily to maintain levels Oct-Apr when ultraviolet light is too low to stimulate natural vitD.

  • Thank you so much Clutter, you have been so helpful. I have gained so much more confidence since being on this site. I am going to write down your info on vit D , it's a GREAT help ! !!!! Plus I also will have more courage with thyroid meds now !!!!

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