Coming or going? :P

Well I dunno if I am coming or going at the moment?!

After going to the docs to see what the severe shoulder, neck and hip pain I was experiencing was all about every time my medication needed increasing he delightedly tells me I have PMR and put me on a course of steroids. Considering I am 38 and not 65 how in the HELL have I got this?!

So, long story short, I wasn't happy so went to my GP and explained and he was horrified that this doctor had come to this conclusion. Furthermore I should only have been on 7-10mg of it and he put me on 15?! And he didn't advise me to stop taking anti-inflammatory's either?!?

My GP was not happy and would have not put me on steroids (as I am diabetic and they shot my bloods through the roof) he said that the symptoms I am experiencing are probably to do with my thyroid - YAAAAYY! At LAST! Someone is listening!

And as my Vitamin B result was in the 400's I will be supplementing that after I have finished the steroids.

Dr is going to refer me to an Endocrinologist in the future so watch this space!

:D Big smiley face

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  • I was on Synthroid for 7 yrs very low dose after the dr increased it I became hyper with horrible back and hip pain. A decrease in dose got rid of all symptoms but the joint pain. I finally switched medication and I'm now on Erfa thyroid. As of this moment those pains have diminished and I am jogging again. Long story short I fired the dr who wouldn't listen to me and found one who would. I also have great naturopath and pharmacist who were sceptical at first but now believe that a medication can make you sick. I also supplement with vitamin d, iron, omega 3, folate and b12. I spent 6 months in pain because people doubted me.

  • Hi, I too suffer from neck & hip pain. The neck pain is always worse in the mornings & often results in a headache tablets. Drs aren't interested in finding out why, they just give me headache tablets. I was wondering if these pains was related to being hypothyroid. At least your Drs trying to find a solution! Let me know if you get any relief & wishing you the best.

  • Sounds to me like you're not converting very well. Have you had your FT3 tested? What about your vit D, folate and ferritin? They all need to be optimal, not just 'in range'.

    How much vit B12 are you planning to take? And which one?

  • I had terrible hip and knee pain, switched to NDT and stopped eating grains, dairy and sugar. No pain for over 18 months, lost 13kgs and am running, playing squash and practicing yoga again.

  • I am going to take the dissolvable Jarrow one you advised about in another post Greygoose ;)

    And as for vit D, folate & ferratin - they won't test for it :-/ BUT I hope to talk to the Endocrinologist (once referred) about those and see if they can be checked via them as I don't think my GP totally understands whats happening ::)

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