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am i going mad

hi please bare with me im new to this and i appologise for my spelling before i start.

im 41 and i was diagnosed with hypo 4 years ago i did nt know what a thyroid was ,my gp phoned me after a random blood test and told me i had an underactive thyroid and that i will need to take tablets for the rest of my life and he will leave a prescription at the reception for me and that was that.

i found out through books about my thyroid and thought nothing about it really, then when i had another blood test they told me i had anemia but i can t hold any iron tablets or meds down so they left it at that then two years ago i kept getting hot sweats, done another blood test and told me i was going through the menopause at the age of 39.

Next they said my colestreol; i think thats how you spell it was high so they put me on tablets for that then i went to casualty with virtigo i could not stand or sit my balance completely went , the a &e dept told me its what old age pensioners suffer with and dont know the cause i just have to live with it also my vitamin d was very low it was at 15 but now thats back to normal.

this summer i completely crashed and still feeling really dreadful now but symtoms seemed to change abit my hair is still falling out and grey and my hands are sore and blistered fingers aches and pains still there but this summer some strange things have happened i got a lovely tan for the first time in my life i normally go red then white but i went brown but felt so ill and everyone thinks im lying because i look good with my colour, ive got depression and i am very teary but also very very angry for no reason, ive given up smoking now for 4 months ive not put on any weight but losing it not very much but people have noticed and i am feeling very nausea sometimes i get sick and have had very loose stools for about a week now no constipation at all totally the opposite.

I dont know what is causeing this at the moment my husband said to go to my gp but my gp does not know anything about thyroids she thinks because my levels are fine and that im taking my meds she fobs me off .

I have four lovely daughters and a great husband who does not understand my two eldest daughters thought i was just lazy before i was diagnosed and my two youngest who are 6 and 3 dont understand why mummy has not got the energy to go to the park, sometimes i think am i lazy but i just have not got the energy and i get so frustrated,

i do feel like im going mad why does nobody believe im sure people think im looking for attention but im not i just want to be normal.

Today i just feel nausea, pains in stomach and back as usual and feeling very foggy i will go and see my gp maybe tomorrow if i have the energy .

i would just like to thank everybody on this site, you have helped me understand alot more than anybody has since i was diagnosed a BIG THANKYOU TO YOU ALL X

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this experience you have had re doctors just dismissing you is exactly the same as my experience, i went back to him because i was feeling so dizzy and foggy headed and tired constantly etc, he looked at me like i was just moaning about nothing and said ..well youre not due for a blood test till was june!!!, i said i cant wait till then i feel awful!!!....he said well we cant just keep sending you for blood tests every time you feel a bit off.....omg...i cried so much and fought my case till he actually did give me a blood test and was very hypothyroid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....he upped my levothyroxine to 125 mcg from 100mcg and i am now gaining weight so much and still feel ill....ive had bloods done again and they rang me to say its normal now and no further action...what should i do i feel so lifeless and overweight and still dizzy most days.....any advice out there greatly appreciated ...


I'd call that bloody irresponsible from you Dr. I/ we believe you are I'll..seriously and need monitoring and support. If you read my blogs it well tell you all about me. I'm ill but nowhere as bad as some of your symptoms. I haven't been diagnosed yet, meet the Specialist Endo for that tomorrow. Maybe you could insist on referral to a Consultant who will know more about how to give the support n

Management and understanding your condition demands.

Aslo....I have read somewhere that some hormonal conditions affect skin pigment ie melatonin in skin.

So IMHO you easily acquired tanning might be a very significant sign of your illness.

This site is so has helped me enormously to have people believe my symptoms by people who say yes we have that too. Don't know what I'll do if Endo says I'm not ill haha? Just have to be a hanger on.

BTW I am suffering from tinnitus/sounds in ears and that has made about 6 other people say they also have it buthadnt necessarily associate it with the other symptoms.

Hang on to us and together we will get the strength to make changes.


Hi ladies ,it is nice to know that we are not on our own ,but if so many of us feel the same how comes we are all told the same thing ,"your meds are the right one's and your blood tests are normal " if i hear that from the doctor when i go in nov i will go mad i think they might as well lock me up in a nut house because that is what they are saying that I'm nuts and it really it's all in our minds I'm sick with feeling like this and no one taking any notice i know there are some good doctors out there but why do they not all read the new results that are coming out ,there is one now about vit D and also T3/T4 is better for you than T4 alone ,i know i feel better since i have added T3,the fog has cleared ,but the endo didn't really want me to have it ,when i go this time I'm going to ask for Armour and see how he responds to that.

But i do think we all have to make a nuisance of our self's at the doctors and keep going until they take notice.

Good luck everyone Jan



Please do not think you are going mad. To give you confidence to know this - just keep reading this site, take each day as it comes and do not beat yourself up for not being able to do things. If you are able to - have a saliva test for adrenal function - and, I say it again to all who are reading this, please read a book called 'Adrenal Fatigue' by James L Wilson. Knowledge is the key, the more we know the better able we are to help ourselves. These are our bodies and we know them better than anyone else.



Hi and welcome, no you are not going mad!

I will give you some pointers, if that is ok, I am not medically qualified but I have been battling to get my good health back for over 4 years.

First of all ask for a copy of your blood test results from the doc's receptionist and ask for the lab range for Free T4.

Let us know what your TSH, Free T4 was last and the range and also your Free T3 if they tested it.

To feel well most of us need our TSH under 1 and our Free T4 at the top of the lab range. Are you taking your meds around the same time each morning with water only? and not having a hot drink or food for at least half an hour?

Also did you have your vit B12 tested? this should be above 500 ideally.

Are you supplementing with vit D3?

If you take iron meds then these must be taken at least 4 hours apart from your thyroid meds, I will leave it there for now, I look forward to your reply


Hi Dimpledea Please please get back to your Doctor it must be horrendous for you with a young family. Also please read that book which jugemvicsar has suggested. Have a look at the role of cortisol in the body too. I am not medically trained but it does look like you need a referral to an endo for further tests which run concurrently with thyroid related disorders. Just pace yourself in the meantime. Good Luck Sunshine x


Who genuinely KNOWS the causes of thyroiod problems. ?


I have not all but almost similar problems like you I was diagnosed with thyroid when I was 24 and living with it since 11 years and I do understand ur feeling. We thyroid patients are really unfortunate that nobody can understand why we are tired all the time but yeah that's life.....


I hope you have improved since this post. I feel exactly the same.


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