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New Dr

Hi, I have been seeing a famous Dr from Belgium and with the usual up and downs I am not bad. he changed me to NDP and 1 grain and 50 MCR of T4 and I feel lot better,I can cope. I have had trouble with pregnenolone I came out in a rash and had to lower the dose. (I am still waiting for the results of the bloods.) I saw a new Dr in the Practice this time French,

I was refreshed , he said he wanted to move me to EFRA, I think that is the name of it. It has slightly a different ratio of T4/ T3. and is a lot cheaper.

Has any body got any view about his NDP and can you direct me to their site.

Lastly, he said that the old endo,s are retiring and the new ones that are coming through, are seeing that patients are not good on just t4, especially for people like me with no thyroid. These new endos are going to my drs Belgium lectures and asking for advice on how to treat people like me but its slow very slow.

I have to add this is not in England but for France Belgium, Luxembourg , it will happen though..


John C

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Who is the doctor in Belgium? I am in London and would really like to check this out. Thanks


I would imagine that it is Dr Hertoghe that is been referred to.

I attended this dr for a few years and I must say the results were v disappointing.

First thing to be noted is that they charge an excessive amount of money for the consultation. Additionally the prescribed supplements etc are very expensive too.

All is chaos in this practise. First time I went I was feeling so ill yet was kept waiting for several hours and only when I collapsed did they take any notice of what I was saying and gave me a bed to lie on while I waited.

On that first appointment my blood calcium was high [I still have these printed blood results], yet the doctor did not make any note of this but PRESCRIBED CALCIUM!!!! She also wrote on my prescription to take my thyroid meds which I had been on [armour] ALONG WITH the Erfa that was now been prescribed - which meant that I was on a HUGE amount of T4/T3, had I actually followed her instructions, I think it would have had serious consequences.

When I ran into difficulities or had a question there was nobody available to talk with. 'Email the dr', she comes to the clinic once a week and will answer you', was the standard response. Not hard to imagine that when you have a crisis with thyroid you are most likely not in a position to wait for up to ten days for a reply.

Bear in mind that on those first consultations I was seen by Dr Hertoghe and another doctor, this is how they operate, and you pay both.

He is quite the very high flyer, and seems more interested in going for the big bucks from LA actresses, etc.

Seeing him cost a fortune with v little positive results. I have heard this same story from many others.

I wish now that I could have talked with others who had seen him PRIOR to my visits. I believe there is much to be said for the protocol he prescribes, but he is not careful in interpreting the blood tests and there is no follow through with anything.


yes I second that dr hertogue. a brilliant man.


That does not sound good. I would really love to find someone with better reviews


Dr Moulton


Thanks. Do you have any more info re Dr Moulton?


I have been seeing him for ten years but he has a new partner Dr Turgis,. I am awaiting my report.


I find it appalling that everywhere e a most important gland is not learned about- it iis the whole endocrine system that keeps us alive and functioning. without we are dead never mind the heart it is the endocrine that rules.... the knowledge is out there, it I sjust bypassed and ignored, too much to learn! the caring ones bother , th emajority think about their pay packet, golf and holidays until they get unwell! p.s. I would ilke to 'like ' my own post ! your daily grin for the morning! and each morning I feel dead.


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