appointment with a New Dr today. She listened!

Hello All. Well I finally seen the newest endo today. She listened to me for once. She told me she likes to see a TSH @ .4- 1 or 2...... but as i am on currently 50 of synthroid she said she is glad i changed from generic to name brand because that tends to be more consistent and more people have problems like i did with generics. She said she is not for armour or any of the natural pills or impounding because they are harder to stabilize people on and getting as close to the human hormone as possible is best AKA synthetic is more exact she claims. With my TSH back up to almost 4 and climbing again with lots of symptoms again she wants to try to get me to 1. Retesting my ViT D again but claims it doesn't matter if i get the D2 or D3 which I disagreed. She is retesting my T4free, TSH and antibodies in 8 wks before i see her again. I asked about gluten and dairy free and she claimed no difference which I don't agree with after all of my research but she said if you want to try it anyway even though there are no studies that say it is worth while.......OY!!! I asked about Cytomel also and she said that is something no one needs! All you need is T4 although if i wanted to try it she would give it a whirl and just keep a close eye on me with numbers as she would with armour. She says most people get hyper tendencies on nature hormones or T3 drugs. She gave me a whole lesson on why T4 is all you need to test.... no T3 or reverse because the labs do not have a good measure of that, she claims it is way off but the is only showing what is in your blood anyway as opposed to the cells which is what matters and the T4 is what changes to T3 and that is why we pay attention to only that. She insisted on me staying on 50 and just taking 1 extra bill once a week bringing me up to @57 daily. I said no. I believe I don't need 75 because i totally went hyper after a few wks on that which much higher numbers than i have now, but not sure if because it was too much too quick or what?! So we settled on 50/75 alternating every day and seeing where i end up with my TSH and T4 free in 8 wks. What do you all think? She claims even though i told her my T4 is very low and T3 as well that i only need to raise my T4......... I do not know......... a lot further of a drive but she actually listened (that's a first for sure) and second she is open to prescribing other options unlike most who won't with T3 and won't even talk about the nature stuff. She thinks we will stabilize me. I am hopeful. After looking over my records and labs she thinks when i lost tons of weight in a short amount of time and they tested me for graves to make sure it wasn't hashi's and graves (yes it can happen but extremely rare) and they also tested me for thyrotoxicosis which was also negative, she said it was just thyroid storms or another word she used used which basically meant way too much thyroid hormone getting released all at once. I would like you all to tell me what you think and of course i will keep you posted. I am with the dry skiing again, hair never stopped falling out, gaining weight again etc etc

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Well, not much point in her listening if she's totally ignorant on the subject, is there. I find it unbelievable some of the stuff she came out with, there. She knows nothing about it. Sorry to rain on your parade, it must have been nice to talk to someone that listened, but I would run away from this person as fast as you can. Her knowledge of the thyroid stopped at the Middle Ages! She will keep you sick. Did she even mention testing your nutrients? Did you?

I have had all of my vitamins and minerals tested recently which she looked at. she is redoing my vitamin D.

Lucky to have someone who listens... For gluten/dairy free i think it depends on the individual... I do much better without gluten but have no problem with dairy... She is wrong about T3 though... T4 is converted into T3 but not everybody does that successfully which is why ut should be checked... read this

Id agree with grey goose and save your money! Run for the hills. Can't believe the things she said to you. Totally ignorant on thyroid matters.

When you have your test results post on here for some helpful advice!

thank you. I just posted my most recent probably a week ago or so, but I won't have any for 2 more months now.

Also reading your other posts are you and your son gluten free?

some things are gluten free but not all.

If really try to be gluten free for a bit, you may find a lot of your sons arthritic pain eases. Mine is so much better if I'm really strict about it. If I have s bad day or two I can hardly walk up the slope in our yard!

Vit D and B12 have also helped.

I read an article that stated 90% of people with long term chronic pain have a vitamin D deficiency.

She sounds like the rest of them. Only interested in T4. Gluten and dairy do have an effect on the efficacy of medication.

Listen she may have done but as soon as she said t3 isnt relevant, i would have walked out the door

well I have been suffering and i cannot keep hopping from dr to dr after being misdiagnosed for yrs and then dr hoping for a yr now. I had a lot of stuff going through my head to everyone. I am going to see how i feel with the medicine change and what not and see what my number say. If nothing is improving I am going to tell her I want the cytomel to try. And i will go gluten and diary free. Theonly dairy I do still is cheese some days and ice cream a handful of times a year. I do coconut and almond things instead. I did not buy the T3 crap either or the gluten/dairy out look she had either. I will keep you all updated. I have to at least try this plan while we are trying to get my son properly diagnosed. BTW he has a procedure Thursday morning at Children's Hospital, please say a prayer for him. Thank in advance.

Actually you have to hop and hop and hop and hop from one doctor to another until you get an educated one. I am on my fourth, if that helps, and he is OK. The reason is that they only get what big pharma wants them to know in medical school (which is the same for the research big pharma funded), which might be OK for 50% of the population, but what about the other 50%, the ones you read about on these web sites. I have to travel 400 mile round trip once (sometimes twice) a year, but I feel well and can ride my bike for an hour near the beach every other day, keep my 2 acre garden under control, dance all night at parties when I have to and run a business. And I am very old. Look, read and study all you can about this illness, start with "Stop the Thyroid Madness" and then branch out. When I was sick and couldn't work, I dedicated a whole year to manically researching this topic, and as a result I am pretty fit, not perfect, but far more than just functional. Find out for yourself what you need, then TELL the doc, don't keep asking, that will keep you sick. Keep studying as if your life depended upon it, because it does.

Keep hopping and researching, eventually it will be worth it.

So she's treating all hypos the same. As someone suggested "Run for the hills" wise words

People as per my opinion is making too much hype about NDT/Armour or T3! I talked to my doctor in details the way you did some days back and believe me he said the same thing as your doctor said. Being Pharmacist, I believed my doctor's responses and doctors are right when they say we don't need T3 because conversion of T4 to T3 has to happen at cellular level. NDT sources are animal sources in which T3/T4 ratio is not same as in humans and it keeps on changing i.e. variable so better not to go for it to stabilise your TSH levels. Synthetic T4 is an ideal drug. Pl do what your doctor say because they know better.

Going Gluten free may not be necessary if you get desired results after your medication optimal dose is settled and or if you are not gluten intolerant.

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