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I had my endo. appointment today and after having to keep saying that my symptoms were not due to depression I was given a 3 month trial of T3.

The amount was 20 mcg of T3 and 75 mcg of T4 is this a good measure? I am presently on 125 mcg and I have no idea whether this is a normal combination.

My month's supply has no instructions, should it be taken an hour before eating or drinking?

Thanks for your help. Good health to you all!

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It may be helpful to start LOW and SLOW ! I would take 10 mcg in the morning with the T4 - yes an hour before food and 4 hours away from the usual culprits like Iron - and some others.

Keep a record of your pulse and temperature so that any increases will show up and could possibly indicate too much T3. Take that for say two weeks when hopefully your body will have adjusted and then increase by taking the other 10mcg at night. Others will have other suggestions so it will be a question of finding what suits you. Just don't be in a rush in the quest for a quick fix. Any sign of overdosing then take 5mcg in the morning and another 5 later in the day in the beginning .....

T3 is fast acting so you will soon know :-)

Wishing you well sooooooooon !

Oooh - forgot - I am not a medic - just a fellow thyroid sufferer with a B12 issue !


I'met no medical professionals but all I'very read said to start at lowest 5 Mcg then run tests in few months. Perhaps your Labs showed something dramatic prompted such a high dosage. Is your Dr an endocrinologist or just a primary doctor? I just got my labs back and my T3 is in the middle but I need more because I'm having trouble transporting the T3 into my cells which could be due to other meds and issues so I'm requesting she up my 5 micrograms to 10 which she may or may not do and she's an internist and not an endocrinologist. I also plan to ask for a specific endocrinologist recommended by my psychiatrist as my mental and emotional state has been directly affected by whatever is going on metabolically and has caused three anaphylactic allergic reactions in the last month. Considering I've been normal I'm taking all the right supplements and managed by top endocrinologists for the last 2 years, recent severe stress and lots of Florida bug bites and pollen they have suppressed my immune system so I would like to get a full work-up about this since it is life-threatening. Recommend you post your lab results on The Forum so people can respond based upon that to what you were prescribed otherwise it makes no sense. Good luck


Great news Iphoenix,

Start low and slow so add half a pill (or even a quarter) in the morning (It can be taken along side Levo.)

If you don't experience adverse reactions, after one week add the other half//quarter in afternoon.

Some members including myself have complained of a headache and internal heat of the first three days after starting T3. This goes and I felt the positive effects very quickly.

Your new doses of T3 & T4 are slightly more than what you were taking so you may need to reduce T4 to 50/75 mcg alternate days or even 50mcg daily. However, don't drop too quickly as I did and it took months to regain my T4 stores. These will help additional T3 to be converted.

Good luck


I've always taken combined doses once daily. 20mcg of T3 is around 60 mcg of levo, so your dose is around the same and the 20/60 is a good combination.

Both should be taken on an empty stomach with a glass of water and wait about an hour before food. Food can interfere with the uptake of hormones.


I was started on T3 Liothyronine two weeks ago. My thyroxine was reduced by 50 mcg and taking 20 mcg T3. My instructions have been to take both together in the morning. I have been feeling a lot better. So much more energy and brain functioning again. Hoping it lasts.


It is very true that you should start low and increase slow, however I didn't know that when I switched from debilitating Levo to NDT. I changed over "cold turkey" and my improvement was little short of a miracle, it took 20 minutes to go from sickness to health. I wasn't looking for a quick fix, but I got one. I am not recommending that you do that - but if you do take too much one morning, don't worry too much about it.